An example of Nardi’s award-winning Komodo seating

The Chicago Athenaeum – Museum of Architecture and Design and The European Center for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies have awarded a GOOD DESIGN® Award 2019 to Komodo. Komodo is Nardi’s modular outdoor seating system with extraordinary compositional versatility, designed by Nardi’s one and only Raffaello Galiotto.

This is the second international award received for Komodo. Nardi’s collection recently received a German Design Award for the category “Excellent Product Design – Gardening and Outdoor Living”.

Behind the Komodo design

Komodo is a modular system of upholstered seats in fiberglass resin for outdoor use, offering great composition flexibility. It can be configured as desired depending on space, taste and needs. This allows for countless configurations. These range from the most classic to the most original and creative. There are no limits to the number of seats and with design solutions that can be changed and/or added to in time!

The collection is inspired by the rounded, joined shape of tree branches. It is designed as a stable lattice frame. To this, backrests, armrests and cushions can be attached on all sides. Nature also inspires the innovative attachment system between backrest, armrest and seat, which occurs simply by rotation (patented system). This means there are no visible joints or holes, preserving and extending the woven horizontal design of the seat to the vertical backrest.

Nardi is committed to gradually putting actions into place in order to reduce environmental impact. Komodo was subjected to LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) analysis to identify processes that can be improved in terms of sustainability. The ‘Regeneration’ industrial project recycles used plastic withdrawn from from the market. Nardi is tirelessly working toward making production processes increasingly sustainable.

Nardi makes long-lasting products, uses completely recyclable polypropylene, enhances all its products with unique and recognisable design, and has an entirely ‘Made in Italy’ supply chain.

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