Over the last few years, laser tag has become widely popular across the globe. CSI exhibitor Delta Strike has helped create exciting laser tag experiences around the world since 2002. Starting in 2017, they have worked hand in hand with one of the cruise industry’s largest players. During this time, Delta Strike found the cruise industry’s unique circumstances and requirements:

  • Storage is limited
  • Labor is hard to come by
  • Logistics can be tricky
  • The guests must always have an amazing experience.

Delta Strike took this knowledge and began developing solutions to ensure the laser tag experience is exceptional for both the guests and the crew.

Laser Tag has proven to be a highly valued onboard attraction on cruise ships

When Delta Strike installed their first laser tag system on board one of the industry’s largest cruise lines, they never would have imagined how popular it would be. Laser Tag is a highly valued onboard attraction for a myriad of reasons including:

  • Family Fun! Laser Tag is an activity that brings families of all ages together socially. It offers friendly competition, physical exercise, and a highly immersive entertainment experience. No wonder families keep coming back for more!
  • Affordability! Cruise operators are always looking to maximize the number of attractions they can offer their customers on board; however, space always comes at a premium. The great thing about the cruise ship laser tag model is the ability to utilize existing space/s for multiple uses. Additionally, the arenas and the equipment are compact and portable. Onboard laser tag arenas often become mixed use spaces such as ice skating rinks and evening performance facilities.
  • Compact & Portable! Delta Strike developed solutions for their equipment specifically for cruise ships, offering a compact portable trolley that allows the cruise line to move and store the equipment easily and conveniently in a storage closet when they’re not in use.
  • The Numbers! If you’re not familiar with Laser Tag, players have the most fun when games are short leaving you wanting more. Seven minute games are the norm and with 30-40 players you can entertain 150 – 200 players an hour. Thankfully Delta Strike equipment makes the job child’s play for the operator so they can spend more time ensuring the players enjoy their game.
  • Interactive! The one thing Delta Strike really admires about the cruise line industry is their passion to deliver a best in class laser tag experience. Every laser tag arena can include custom creative theming with the utmost attention to detail when it comes to utilizing technologies such as DMX lighting, custom briefing videos, and arena component interaction. Players come out of the game with all their senses satisfied!

As the need for greater family friendly activities arises, Delta Strike is excited about bringing incredible laser tag experiences to a whole new world of travelers. Will you be their next port of call?

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