Cruise lines are looking for ways they can guarantee a safe and hygienic environment to prospective guests. Stone designers Marmi Vrech have provided an answer with their new microbial treatment for stonework.

Marmi Vrech’s new antibacterial treatment is based on silver ions nanotechnology. With this new treatment even the most delicate surfaces can be kept protected and sanitized. Even better, that’s with absolutely no damage to the materials and finishings. The treatment can be applied to the coating of all surfaces which require suitable hygiene. Clients can also apply it in high-traffic areas to help reduce risk of disease transmission.

Although Marmi Vrech’s materials may be old as time, their methods are not. They are always looking forward and investing in research. Marmi Vrech put their experience at their client’s service by creating highly technological treatments.

A new age of design

With almost 60 years of experience in creating beautifully-designed stone interiors, Marmi Vrech have learned what matters most, ‘Do not forget to plan for a new kind of future; channels are shifting, and we have to shift with them to meet our customers’ needs’.

Marmi Vrech know that in today’s climate their hospitality clients want more than the beautiful sculptures and stone interiors that they have come to expect. Every element of interior design has to be able to deliver a brand’s story and bolster their customer’s safety. Limited material choices shouldn’t inhibit a brand’s design. And a customer should be able to step into an environment that offers them protection while still giving them the feeling of being in an exciting, vacation space.

Founded in 1961 by Giocondo Vrech, Marmi Vrech underwent an important generational change in 2008 from father to sons, Alessandro and Riccardo. Their daily challenge is to create and give life to an idea, a design, a project. Taking on this challenge with a vocation for high quality and an approach based on a continuous search for excellence requires tremendous commitment and services that ensures integration between design, procurement, production, and execution.