3 – 4 June 2025

Miami Beach Convention Center

Newbuilding and Refurbishment: Two Sides Of The Same Coin?

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The increasing scale and complexity of the industry require a wider involvement of the OEM to speed up, simplify and to stimulate cross-fertilisation of ideas and best practice between newbuild and refurbishment projects. Drawing from examples from outside the industry, this session delivers new perspectives on how best to dovetail workflows of the different parties, and asks how can the OEMs stage integrated in both newbuild & refurbishment projects?

  • What are the operational benefits to be gained by fully integrating the OEM during refurbishment projects?
  • How do these benefits relate to design, integration of equipment, materials & scale, planning & installation?
  • How does the development of ‘look & fee’ of a design project fit with the demands & tight timescales of the construction process?
  • In what ways can the partnership with the OEM and refurbishment players help this process?
  • OEM integration: what can the cruise ship interiors industry learn from other industries learn from other industries when it comes to maintenance (warranties, spare parts management & timely updates etc.)?
  • How can integral OEM partnership influence the success of cruise ship interiors projects?

Session Speakers

Lawrence Rapp

Principal Consultant, Cruise Line Newbuilding and Operations Seawise Consulting Group

Gabriele Maria Cafuro headshot

Gabriele Maria Cafuro

Chief Executive, Marine Interiors