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Modular Construction from ADCO

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

ADCO Glass International, an exhibitor at Cruise Ship Interiors Expo 2019, provides customized solutions in glass for cruise interiors and exteriors.

One of the biggest and best-known shipbuilding design offices, Neptun Ship Design, asked ADCO for developing a customized glass construction for shipbuilding and architecture. ADCO developed and designed an oversized glass module including windows, doors and special features.

Window Port

Each module is fully completed as well as sealed at ADCO production facility.

Light systems and LED technology can be integrated as well in the glass as in the construction.

Window Crane

Advantageous to all the interior companies is the possibility to work immediately with the module because the module was finished before the installation.

They are realizing atriums, skylights, stairwells, glass floors, and glass skin elevators.


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