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New Launch: Gudbrandsdalens Uldvarefabrik

Founded in 1887 in Lillehammer, Norway, Gudbrandsdalens (GU) is an established textile mill, ensure the highest levels flexibility and quality upholstery for shipboard use. Now, GU has released new colour palletes for two of its best-selling fabrics, the AMDAL and HEIDAL.

Read on to find out more about GU’s marine fabric innovations…

GU: Wool for Generations

Gudbrandsdalens launched new colour pallets for two best-selling fabrics AMDAL and HEIDAL. Both Amdal and Heidal are IMO certified. Amdal has a characteristic felted structure and shows remarkable durability, comfort and versatility in use. Thirty attractive colours enhance the look of any furniture and adds a luxurious woolly softness and tactility.

Heidal is inspired by the solid fabric of everyday garments worn in the Gudbrandsdalens valley in the past; textiles made to last. Heidal takes advantage of all the natural attributes of wool and is calm and minimalistic. Heidal is natural, vibrant and renewable.

Find out more about GU's IMO certified fabrics on their website and don't miss theme exhibiting at booth 234.


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