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New Launch: Terrae Prints from Kravet

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Kravet Couture introduces Terrae Prints, a collection of exclusively designed prints executed with simplicity and color in mind.

Blossoming flowers, rich marble textures, and undulating waves are all interpreted with a painterly hand, beautifully showcasing the organic design inspiration behind the collection. These patterns are offered in a broad range of color, from modern pinks, lilacs and spice tones to cool blues and fresh greens. Rounding out the offering is a complete assortment of sophisticated neutrals. Each print features a watercolor effect and is presented in a range of up to ten colors, telling a comprehensive color story.

Most of the patterns are designed with subtle painterly techniques, enhancing the collection’s soft, natural aesthetic. Patterns ECHINO and MAKAI are loose and organic, offered in a vast spectrum of color suitable for a coastal retreat or cosmopolitan pied-à-terre. BATURI is also reintroduced in a wider color offering.

Kravet Couture’s commitment to craftsmanship is on full display with this collection, which includes two warp prints, AZZURRO and ECHINO. This classic technique of printing the warp and then weaving the fabric makes these patterns slightly distressed and soft in overall feeling. Terrae Prints also includes a lovely faux bois pattern, HALLERBOS, which is produced by an innovative laser print technique on dyed linen providing a subtle, more modern version of this classic design.

Terrae, meaning “of the earth,” emphasizes simple hues that speak directly to natural elements. Watery blues, forest greens, and soft slate gray are complemented by fashion-forward colors like lavender and ochre for a crisp and colorful offering.

With a strong emphasis on natural elements, Terrae Prints is printed on 100% linen or linen blends, suitable for upholstery and drapery.