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Spotlight on Adriana Hoyos, AH Contract

A division of the ADRIANA HOYOS Furnishings Group, AH Contract serves some of the world's most prestigious resorts and hotel chains. Creating timeless designs for the hospitality industry is esteemed interior designer and the brand's namesake, Adriana Hoyos.

In anticipation of AH Contract's exhibit at Cruise Ship Interiors Expo, we sat down with Adriana Hoyos to quiz her on the company's journey into the marine market, upcoming design trends, and more.


As a renowned interior and furniture designer with more than 27 years’ experience in the industry, tell us about your journey into the world of design and, more specifically, how you began designing for the marine market?

My career in high-end residential interior design began about 27 years ago, and five years ago I was selected to renovate a commercial yacht that would sail to the Galapagos Islands – the first commercial yacht to do so. This was my first experience with commercial yachts and introduced me to the world of marine design; once completely unfamiliar, I learned so much during the process, such as which accent pieces to add for a more sophisticated look in common areas and even the quintessential pieces that ships need to ensure comfort and a luxurious feel to the passengers onboard.

I believe understanding the passengers’ preferences and having a glimpse of their lifestyle - luxurious, travel lovers and in search of relaxed vacations - allow us, designers, to provide furnishings that fit ideally within cruises and all the unique aspects to this particular field of design.


You supplied furniture selection to Celebrity Cruises’ new ship, Celebrity Flora. What was it like collaborating with a team of talented designers and bringing the cruise line’s vision to life?

We thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with the other interior designers, witnessing their talents from many different spaces come together to bring Celebrity Flora to life. Our role was to work in tandem with the interior architects to design unique and iconic pieces of furniture such as the Chocolate Iconic upholstered chair 900, Rumba Crescent sofa 200, Rumba upholstered chair 100. All pieces selected would complement the yacht’s interiors and floor plan, while bringing a sense of Ecuadorian culture and authenticity to the luxury market within the Celebrity Cruises family.

As well as working on the overall interior design of Flora, you provided furnishings to various rooms and suites. Do you have a favorite piece aboard the ship?

Aside from contributing to the overall design theme and style, color schemes, textures, etc. with each piece chosen, my favorite item that adorns the Celebrity Flora is the Chocolate Iconic upholstered chair 900, a piece with a sculptural silhouette inspired from the Galapagos’ natural elements, the bird’s nests. With an elegant tropical style, it is ideal to lay back and relax while also being the perfect piece to highlight important rooms.

Being a Latin American designer definitely gave me the sensibility to select iconic pieces with a unique design that have a sense of place and match with the beautiful islands. 


One of the design biggest trends, which can be seen throughout Celebrity Flora, is featuring sinuous curves and soft angles. These shapes evoke a fresh and organic feel from each design, unlike the tech-obsessed décor that dominated 2018.

Can you tell us about any interior design trends to look out for in 2019 and beyond?

Where to begin! One of the design biggest trends, which can be seen throughout Celebrity Flora, is featuring sinuous curves and soft angles. These shapes evoke a fresh and organic feel from each design, unlike the tech-obsessed décor that dominated 2018. We are also noticing organic silhouettes and pieces with movement. These trends will continue to dominate in 2020 and were noticeable in our most recent collection, Rumba, which we decided to create by bringing out a Latin American heritage, which took the brand to an exotic destination, a journey of flair and movement.


In three words, how would you describe the cruise industry in 2019?

Luxurious-comfort, innovative, global.


Thanks for speaking with us today. Finally, who are you looking to meet and what do you hope to achieve at Cruise Ship Interiors Expo Miami?

We’re excited to meet designers and cruise leaders from various companies and learn more about the maritime industry. We would love to introduce our latest portfolio to some of the biggest names in the industry and show them why ADRIANA HOYOS Furnishings are the luxury products their customers have been asking for.

Register  for your free pass to Cruise Ship Interiors Expo and visit AH Contract at booth 249. 


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