Designing outdoor products for a cruise ship is a unique challenge. There are many factors to take into consideration, particularly the durability of these products. Suppliers need to consider a product’s ability to withstand not only heavy use from passengers taking advantage of the sun, but also weathering the elements. They must also be suitable for heavy exposure to chemicals found in cleaning products, chlorine from pools, and sea air.

In this new product focus series, we will be highlighting CSI exhibitors and their products that specialise in designing a particular interior space category on board a cruise ship. Previously, we shone the spotlight on our attractions and entertainment exhibitors. In our second product focus, we will be focusing on our outdoor exhibitors. Check them out below!


Getting the right flooring on a cruise ship exterior space is crucial. These areas have high levels of footfall and are exposed to many elements. CSI exhibitor API Spa is a manufacturing leader in the formulation, production and installation of synthetic resin floors and deck coverings for the marine industry. API Spa’s resin floors coat and protect pre-existing surfaces such as ceramic, concrete, metal, stone, and wood, giving them resistance and impermeability. Resin floors are practical and durable, with resistance to high foot traffic levels, as well as being non-slip and waterproof. They are also aesthetically pleasing, coming in a variety of colours and bespoke designs. Meet API Spa at booth 548 during CSI 2022.

API Spa’s resin floors coat and protect pre-existing surfaces

Sika Marine is a leading player in the development and manufacturing of adhesives, sealants and acoustic floor systems for the shipbuilding industry, as well as glueing, sewing and damping solutions for recreational boats and yachts. Ship decks are constantly exposed to UV light, wind, and waves. As a result, the elastic adhesives and sealants that Sika has developed for the marine industry provide a unique protective performance. Sika Marine’s wood and teak decks have a high functional and aesthetic importance while being waterproof, environmentally friendly, and UV-resistant. Sika Marine also provides a maintenance system for worn teak wood and all other wood used above the waterline. Visit Sika Marine on booth 1161 at CSI 2022.

Sika Marine’s wood and teak decks are aesthetically pleasing while being waterproof and UV-resistant


Outdoor furniture is the hardest wearing furniture on a cruise ship. Like outdoor flooring, durability is a must, with outdoor furniture being exposed to many elements, from UV rays to pool chlorine. The furniture is also subjected to heavy use from passengers wanting to catch rays or simply enjoy the scenery passing by.

CSI exhibitor MamaGreen designs and hand-manufactures premium outdoor furniture. Their constantly evolving collections are built to last, and developed for maximum style, comfort, and performance. MamaGreen proudly manufactures its furniture using a majority of recycled or recyclable materials. MamaGreen carefully sources 90% of its teak from abandoned buildings, with the remainder coming from strictly managed plantations. Selecting MamaGreen is making a conscious choice for style combined with durability. Sample MamaGreen’s sustainable outdoor furniture at Cruise Ship Interiors Design Expo Americas on booth 440.

A service-driven industry leader, JANUS et Cie collaborates with marine clients with expertise in understanding specific design challenges and creating beautiful spaces. JANUS et Cie builds its outdoor furniture to accommodate diverse climates and bespoke applications to outfitting spaces within a specific budget. Since 1978, the company has grown into a comprehensive global resource with a diverse furniture catalog of over 6,000 pieces. They also provide endless custom options, underscored by unique accessories and performance textiles. JANUS et Cie will be exhibiting at CSI 2022 on booth 801.

CSI exhibitor DEDON understands the importance of seeking sustainable products in cruise design. That’s why their material, DEDON fiber, is recyclable and non-toxic, making it environmentally friendly. This high quality material is unrivalled for its strength, durability, weather fastness and luxuriousness of color, texture and touch. Unique to the outdoor industry, DEDON owns and operates both furniture and fiber production, allowing them to bring fiber specialists and world-class designers together to develop innovative new fiber colors, profiles, textures, and more. Meet this innovative exhibitor on booth 723 at CSI 2022.

DEDON builds sustainable outdoor furniture using DEDON fiber, a recyclable and non-toxic material

Umbrellas and Covers

In outdoor spaces, it is also important for cruise lines to provide shaded areas for passengers to retreat to between catching rays. CSI exhibitor ACS Production designs, manufactures, and installs awnings, bar and restaurant canopies, Jacuzzi covers and stretched canvas ceilings on cruise ships worldwide. It has installed canopies on over 200 ships during refits in direct cooperation with shipowners over the past 30 years. ACS Production develops each project in close collaboration with architects, shipbuilders, and shipowners to ensure that each design serves its purpose while matching its surroundings. Sample ACS Production’s canopies on booth 876 at Cruise Ship Interiors Design Expo Americas 2022.

ACS Production has installed canopies on over 200 cruise ships over the past 30 years


For fabrics used in outdoor furnishings, it goes without saying that durability is essential. But one feature that is becoming increasingly important is the sustainability of fabrics used in cruise design. From the materials used to the manufacturing methods, to even their recyclability, the whole process must be considered.

CSI exhibitor Fil Doux Textiles is an eco-conscious, tariff-free, mill-direct supplier of beautiful textiles, vinyl, and sheers. The brand has a strong commitment to sustainability, led by its CEO, Leo Novik. Fil Doux Textiles controls four fully vertical fabric and vinyl mills in South America. This allows for full customization and a superior lead time on its woven fabrics, drapery, sheers, Vinylife, leather, and digital textile prints. Fil Doux Textiles recently revealed their first outdoor collection. This stunning collection contains durable, solution-dyed fabric that comes in many customisable colours, and is bleach cleanable, with high UV fastness scores and high abrasion resistance. Meet Fil Doux textiles on booth 1050 at CSI 2022.

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