Cruise lines face a period of complicated messaging. They will need to convey their usual branding – they are fun, modern, sophisticated or adventurous – but also communicate that their ships are safe and hygienic. The passenger journey starts well before they step foot on board the cruise ship. But for some, their holiday really begins at the cruise terminals. This is where they get the first taste of their guest experience.

A new normal

Cruise interiors suppliers have been working to create products that help cruise lines curate their ‘new normal’. For example, Brombach + Gess is a marine glass bonding technology specialist with a broad portfolio of solutions in glass. Recently, Brombach + Gess developed a Loggia-Cabin Window System, a horizontally sectioned panoramic glass front that provides an infinite feeling in passenger cabins and an alternative to classic balconies on passenger ships.

The company have now turned their innovative focus to a brand new protection screen – QUEUE-PROTECT.

Balcony space tops the list of passenger desires. Check out how Brombach + Gess engineers the next step in balcony technology below below.

Adapting quickly, adapting smartly

Queue-protect is a cassette attachment with an extendable, highly transparent protective screen. It can be simply and easily attached to existing passenger guidance systems and fixed in place with a clamping screw. The transparent screen can be pulled out of the Queue-protect attachment, which is hooked onto the guidance system by means of a click system.  

This new product allows cruise lines to quickly adapt their cruise terminals with minimal cost and disruption. They can curate the space to the needs of customers now – understanding that passengers will want to feel safe – while not committing to large scale changes before understanding the needs of future customers.

Other benefits include space optimisation and easy assembly.

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