Skargaarden come from Gävle, a small town on the Baltic coast, part of the Swedish Archipelago. Some of the locations nearby are beautiful enough to knock you off your feet. The Arctic Circle is just hours away. It’s windy, harsh and most of the year it’s dark with often only an hour of sunshine a day.

Skaargarden’s sleek, natural furniture exposed to the elements

Skargaarden make its outdoor furniture for the precious moments during the short Swedish summers. The furniture is made to withstand everything that nature throws at it, and they can’t compromise because every second of exposure counts.

Founded by Jari Visuri and his wife Anna, Skargaarden like to think of themselves as part of a tradition that’s truly Scandinavian. However, their vision doesn’t stop there; they are inspired by everything from early American shaker style to Bauhaus.

‘We believe that less really is more. We make ideas tangible. You should be able to immediately grasp the concept of a piece, it shouldn’t be an intellectual process’, says Jari.

Inspired by their surroundings

Echoing the neutral colours of the Swedish Archielago’s landscape, the couple designed the furniture to not detract from its natural setting.

Skargaarden’s Lido range

Skargaarden’s furniture exudes a sense of effortlessness (a light-heartedness even) that’s almost provocative and a character defined by pure craftsmanship in the production and material selection.

The details in the furniture that reveal themselves to you over time are the ingenious solutions that elevate simplicity to something sublime. No fuss, no extras. Simply less becoming even more.

Skargaarden’s range of outdoor furniture includes sofas, benches, table, loungers, accessories and more, and are available in twenty different collections that are truly elegant, and truly Scandinavian.