Vice president of revitalization and hotel refurbishment Lisa McCabe

With more than 30 years’ industry experience under her belt, Lisa McCabe is nothing less than a specialist in her field. As vice president of revitalization and hotel refurbishment, McCabe, along with her team, undertakes the majority of Carnival Cruise Line’s large-scale drydocks. During her time with Carnival, McCabe has been responsible for more than 250 refurbishment projects, spanning across the US, the Bahamas, and Singapore.

Ahead of her session at the Cruise Ship Interiors Conference 2019, we sat down with McCabe to discuss the current state of the industry, her role at Carnival, and the most interesting project she’s worked on to date.

Thanks for speaking with the Cruise Ship Interiors Expo team today! Tell us about your current role and what it entails on a day-to-day basis?

I head up the refurbishment department, a team of passionate people who work hard to make projects come to life during short periods of time on our fleet of 26 ships.

What inspired you to venture into the marine industry?

I studied interior design at Florida International University and in my last year, a designer who specialized in cruise ships was looking for an intern. It was a great fit for me at the time with being able to apply my creativity and also desire to travel!

Can you tell us about any key opportunities or challenges faced by the cruise ship interiors industry at present?

Currently, we are looking at opportunities to not only renovate vessels but to also add enhanced features for our guests.

Tell us about a recent project that was particularly challenging, interesting, or unique in some way.

I would say the Carnival Elation drydock in 2017. We prepared for many challenges that came our way and pulled together with all departments involved to make it a successful drydock despite the many challenges.

In the cruise interiors industry, forecasting trends for the years ahead is vital to stay on top of the game. What trends are you expecting to emerge in the next few years? This could be anything from new lighting solutions to new materials or sustainable solutions and beyond!

It’s always exciting to work with our internal teams to see what projects will come our way and how we will implement these within our fleet.

Using just three words, how would you describe the current state of the cruise interiors industry?

Always guest focused!

Come June you’ll be speaking in the Cruise Ship Interiors Conference. Without giving too much away, can you tell us what we might expect from your session?

I have been exposed to refurbishing cruise ships for more than 30 years. It amazes me how every drydock is different, no two are ever the same! There are always different scenarios and situations that make each very unique, which is what I’ll be exploring in my session.

Finally, we have to ask what are you most looking forward to at the inaugural Cruise Ship Interiors Expo Miami?

I am excited to see a dedicated expo to our world of shipbuilding. This platform will give exposure to the specialized materials and installations that take place within the cruise industry.