Speed Networking takes center stage as a highlight of CSI, providing a dynamic platform for decision-makers and buyers to connect seamlessly with CSI exhibitors. Sponsored by Belbien Architectural Film and JOI-Design, here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect from the Speed Networking experience.

The Logistics

Hosted in the CSI Speed Networking Lounge across both days of the show, participants will enjoy eight meetings each lasting five minutes, with 30 seconds between each to facilitate smooth transitions.

Pre-event Preparation

In the lead-up to the event, participants will receive a call and email detailing the session date and time, as well as a comprehensive document with instructions and tips. VIPs can tailor their preferences, creating a customised ‘shopping list’ of products and service providers they aim to meet for current and future projects.

Check-in and Networking Warm-up

Upon arrival at the session, all participants check in with the CSI team at designated desks for VIPs and suppliers. After a brief check-in process, attendees are encouraged to enjoy a few minutes of open networking while collecting a drink before sitting at their allocated table.

The Setup

Suppliers are welcome to bring brochures, leaflets, and small samples to keep on their designated table, as they will remain seated during the sessions. Throughout, VIPs will move from table to table according to a predetermined schedule.

The Timer

The CSI Team will use a timer and will start and finish each meeting by sounding the gong. To keep the sessions on track, there will also be an alert when you have 45 seconds to wrap up conversations. With only 5 minutes per session and only 30 seconds to change table, the fast-paced nature of the event ensures a dynamic exchange of information.

Lead Capture App

To streamline the post-event follow-up process, suppliers are encouraged to use the lead capture app to scan badges and collect contact details for VIPs. This digital approach minimises the risk of losing vital information and enhances the overall networking experience. lead capture can be purchased in May. 

Your Point of Contact

Claudia Gurr serves as the dedicated point of contact for suppliers participating in Speed Networking. Her role ensures that participants receive all necessary details for their sessions in May. While she is unable to provide a list of contacts before each speed networking event due to up-to-the-minute VIP schedule changes, she will be available to address any questions about the Speed Networking session or exhibiting in general. Reach out to her at claudia.gurr@elite-exhibitions.com.