Stylgame sales director

One of Cruise Ship Interiors Expo’s more unique exhibitors, StylGame provides comfortable ergonomic products to the gaming industry. StylGame’s unique offerings are designed with guest comfort in mind while providing state-of-the-art gaming experiences. As a relatively new addition to the cruise industry, StylGame will showcase its marine attractions at Cruise Ship Interiors Expo

Hi Andrea. Tell us about your current role at StylGame?

I am the sales director for the Italian market and since a couple of years ago, I have also been dealing with clients in the Italian naval sector.

What encouraged you to join StylGame?

I’ve been working at StylGame for almost 10 years. I decided to join the team recognizing the company’s broad growth prospects. After all this time and countless projects developed, I can say that certainly, the choice turned out to be correct.

Can you tell us about a recent project that was particularly exciting?

One of the most satisfying recent projects is the one born from the collaboration with Costa Crociere and Fincantieri, especially the Costa Venezia project, a ship for which we provided slots bases and seating. This was a great source of pride for us, having developed a preponderant part of the project in a custom way. In fact, exclusively for Costa Venezia, we have created customized steel bases with a new wood-like finish and customized accessories. These slot bases were then reinforced to support the weight of a slot machine up to a 30° inclination of the ship, this test is the first one of its kind carried out to guarantee safety on cruise ships.

What do you need to consider when designing for the marine market?

The maritime market requires “robust” products with a high level of reliability and quality standards to minimize maintenance. We work successfully in the naval sector thanks to our ability to adapt to customer needs, which are very specific in this industry.

Are there any key opportunities or challenges StylGame faces at present?

After MSC and Costa Crociere, our goal is to increase our presence in the industry, investing in research to create specific products for the naval sector.

Can you tell us about any upcoming trends?

Taking care of casinos, we can say that the trends onboard of ships are in line with those on land and in both cases the design of our products is in harmony with the design of the furniture, which is generally dictated by the designers.

Thanks for speaking with us today. Finally, who are you looking to meet and what do you hope to achieve at Cruise Ship Interiors Expo Miami?

I hope to meet the casino managers of the major companies in the sector and to be able to convey to them the importance of the ergonomic and technical characteristics that make our products unique. Such characteristics are the fruit of twenty years of research and development of casino products. I see Cruise Ship Interiors Expo Miami as an excellent opportunity to give more visibility to our company.