3 – 4 June 2025

Miami Beach Convention Center

Sustainability In Design & Operations

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Sustainability should be an integral part of the business plan; implementation of sustainability goals affects all parts of the business, and influences daily decision-making in sustainable cruise ship interiors design. This session will cover what that means in practice and how to build a sustainable supply chain in collaboration with all stakeholders. Panellists will examine how technological advances, alongside intelligent (and responsible) design can instigate innovation and help to minimise environmental impact.

Showcase: Cradle to Cradle – Philosophy for Dansk Wilton

  • How Dansk Wilton deals with the five categories within the Cradle to Cradle certification
  • How the certification and philosophy forms the strategic approach to sustainability at Dansk Wilton
    Lone Ditmer, Marketing Manager, Dansk Wilton

During the session, the panel discussed:

  • How sustainability parameters should feed into your business model
  • Setting the design intent to have minimal impact on the environment: building vessels with a high sustainability baseline throughout all areas of the ship’s interior and operations
  • Use of technology and intelligent design to minimise environmental impact
  • Working with clients to build sustainable supply chains, including shipyards, suppliers, and other stakeholders
  • Partners are essential within a circular economy
  • Research projects into sustainability goals at Tillberg Design of Sweden
  • How Tillberg Design of Sweden uses environmental, social, and governance insights to strengthen its clients’ brands, improve profit, and provide opportunities for growth

Session Speakers

Ginger Garte

Environmental & Sustainability Director, Lloyd’s Register

Fredrik Johansson

Owner & Executive Project Director, Tillberg Design of Sweden

Paris Swann

Director Architectural Design, Newbuild and Innovation Royal Caribbean Cruises

Lone Ditmer

Marketing Manager, Dansk Wilton