Volume Creative don’t need to get creative, they stay creative! 2020 has been an unusual year by anyone’s standards. Among its many challenges there are questions about inspiration. How can creatives stay inspired when cut off from so much of their usual sources?

We asked Volume Creative, what are you doing to stay inspired?

Emma Lally, Partner + Head of Customer Experience

Being outdoors so much this year has opened my eyes to the changing season more so than ever.  Watching a tree in my neighbour’s garden change colour each day is definitely influencing my autumnal material boards.

I’m also extending my house at the moment and loving that I can finally use some of the materials I have found over the years.

Francesca Henley, Partner + Head of Interiors

With the lack of international travel which is my usual creative inspiration I have been looking closer to home and spending as much time outdoors as possible. Taking inspiration form natural forms and colours through the changing seasons. Wax carving, creating graphics and clay work when can I can find the time is always a satisfying and therapeutic creative outlet for me.

Kate Brewer, Partner + Head of Product & Art

Aside from work I’ve just bought a house, it’s a big renovation project so the re-design of this is definitely keeping me inspired right now.

Callie Tedder-Hares, Founding Partner + Creative Director

Others in the industry who are keeping their chins up and coming up with innovations.  As our workload is less than previous years we’ve actively increased our R&D.  We are learning, sharing and bettering our practices as a team.  I believe that collaborations are the future, we can’t get through this time as single minds, we must think together.   And I’m so pleased to say we are ‘thinking’  with some incredible designers and makers on new projects for 2021.