Wallpaper is a key aspect of any cruise interior. Thanks to its many colours, designs, and patterns, it can bring originality, warmth, and depth to a space. Wallpaper also gives the ability to bring a unique personality and style to an interior. This can really enhance its impact and mood.

WallPepper®/Group designs high quality sustainable wallpaper that is manufactured in Italy using green materials. The wallpapers are PVC free and certified. Each project is drafted, printed, and then tailored upon request at WallPepper®/Group’s headquarters in Milan to meet any decorative needs. This creative laboratory aims to share its exquisite sense of aesthetics and the best technological solutions guaranteeing a WallPepper® level of excellence

The know-how and professionalism of WallPepper®/Group, together with its dedication to sustainability and the creativity and the novelty of its graphics allow it to create decorative designs with infinite expressive and functional possibilities. By choosing WallPepper® you can characterize the atmosphere of a room to make it unique and special, enhancing its style.

The WallPepper®/Group catalogue is a collection of amazing images, colour sequences, and geometries, drawing references to nature, underwater scenes, or architecture. These images can tell a story and generate different emotions for each interior space. Additionally, the numerous graphics in the WallPepper®/Group catalogue can be adapted according to the size of the space, making them perfect for enhancing any interior.

WallPepper®/Group subverts the concept of wallpaper with surfaces becoming a way to characterize spaces. This can be achieved both aesthetically, giving rooms unique personality and atmosphere, which can be difficult to obtain otherwise. WallPepper®/Group is also very project-oriented, considering the actual features and necessities of spaces. As a result, each bespoke wallpaper project is adapted to suit the cruise interior it is being designed for.

Introducing the 2022 collection

Natural inspiration, evocative urban settings, unexpected mix of shapes and colours, scenographic compositions, optical illusions and surprising geometries, recalls from design, architecture and art, give life to the new 2022 collection. The floor-to-ceiling images can add value and furnish every residential, contract, HO.RE.CA and naval setting, both indoor and outdoor, thanks to the best and most innovative print techniques and the absolute quality that defines WallPepper®/Group production.

The constant research for innovative solutions has allowed WallPepper®/Group to develop special materials and technical systems to bring creativity to any space. In the naval decoration sector, WallPepper®/Group offers two materials that have obtained the prestigious IMO/MED certification for application in cruise ship interiors:


WallPepper/Smooth is ideal for any space where guests will be staying for a prolonged period of time. This soft touch interior material is warm, matte, breathable and Greenguard certified. Cruise lines can choose from many exciting images in the catalogue for their design. Alternatively, cruise lines can specifically create new designs in collaboration with WallPepper/Smooth for a specific interior.

WallPepper/Smooth TNT (non-woven fabric) is naturally ecological, composed only of cellulose and agave textile fibres. It is completely free from PVC and harmful substances. This sustainable wallpaper is washable, breathable, textured and easy to lay with invisible joints for an engaging result. It also possesses the prestigious IMO/MED certification required for naval applications.


WallPepper/Suede has been specifically designed to meet the demands of the North American market. Defined as a heavy wallpaper (Type II), it’s an innovative ecological material, ideal for hotels, shipbuilding, health care and all environments with a large passage of people. This product is also a real sustainable alternative to PVC covering.

Composed of PET (over 30% coming from recycled bottles), it has considerable mechanical resistance and a naturally stain-proof surface without the need for final protection. WallPepper/Suede can also be washed using the most common detergents, bearing very well to bumps and rubbing. WallPepper/Suede possesses the prestigious IMO/MED certification required for naval applications.

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