For 30 years, Ropes Courses Incorporated (RCI) has been in the business of designing, manufacturing and installing innovative adventure products across the globe. With low operator costs, minimal maintenance and a high return on investment, Sky Trail® aerial attractions are the perfect addition to any space whether it’s indoors, outdoors or on the seven seas. Currently, guests are entertained by a Sky Trail® while onboard 3 out of the 4 major cruise lines which include MSC Cruises, Carnival Cruise Line and Norwegian Cruise Line.

Engineered and constructed to withstand oceanic conditions thanks to galvanized steel and marine-grade paint, the Sky Trail® family of products are built to entertain at length on the water in a variety of custom colors, themes, and additions such as the “walk the plank” element that allows participants to travel out over the water. Situated on the ship itself or located at a port destination, Sky Trail® offers a unique and memorable experience for all guests whether they are a first time participant or a repeat visitor.

Clip ’n Climb® climbing walls also vary in terms of colour, design, and difficulty, in order to engage every climber. The use of TRUBLUE auto belays allows for a smooth and controlled descent as well as eliminating any unwanted pull on the climber while they are on a wall. RCI adventure attractions are proudly located in 30 countries around the world and each encourages all ages to safely participate as well as test themselves physically on various interactive elements without requiring participants to unclip, wear helmets or possess a certain skill level.