Cruise Ship Interiors Expo exhibitor AROS Marine recently undertook a project to upgrade cabins and public spaces on Smyril Line Norröna. The Faroe Islands’ largest ferry, Norröna provides a uniquely luxurious experience on sailings between Denmark, the Faroe Islands, and Iceland.

The project took two months to complete, and included works done on the Sky Bar, Reception area, cabins, and corridors, as well as furniture production for the Sky Bar seating, which AROS Marine took from sketch design through to furniture production and installation. In the other public areas, AROS Marine carried out floor covering exchange, furniture and accessories supply, and installation works on board. In the cabin areas, carpet exchange was required. All furniture production was completed by the AROS Marine team.

Laterna Magica on board Smyril Line Norröna

The panorama lounge on Norröna, Laterna Magica, is conceptually reminiscent of the Viking Crown lounges on some of Royal Caribbean’s 1990’s-era cruise ships. The lounge offers a tranquil setting from which to observe the surrounding seascape.

For the Laterna Magica bar concept, the AROS Marine team undertook design and engineering from scratch, producing all required furniture pieces.

We would especially like to note the importance of the advice and insight received from the AROS Marine management team for the design & engineering solutions regarding bar concept and overall furniture manufacturing (cost reduction, design simplification, etc.)

Jóhan av Reyni, Maritime Director

From the start, AROS Marine have positioned themselves as one of the leading companies in the marine industry. The company grew rapidly – from humble beginnings, over 10 years ago, of just five people, to over 600 skilled and experienced employees worldwide today. AROS Marine are experts in interior outfitting, HVAC works, turnkey project management, design & engineering, and furniture production. AROS Marine operate globally, and their headquarters are in Lithuania.

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