Ship windows come in different sizes and shapes. Obscure window shapes such as trapezoids, triangles, circles and inverted Rhombus’s are some of the variety of weird and wonderful windows found onboard new and old ships alike! Often the installation and functionality of window blinds is not considered during the initial vessel design which can create a ‘headache’ for outfitters and interior designers. Finding window blind solutions that function correctly and that look good on irregular shaped windows can prove a challenge, even for the most experienced outfitter or interior designer.

With more than 20 years’ experience in the maritime Industry, SOLARGLIDE is a leading supplier of window covering solutions to the marine industry. The company designs and manufactures bespoke blind & screen solutions for irregular and awkward windows. This includes windows that are sloped, curved, on the ceiling, located in out of reach places or obscured by obstructions such as window wiper units. SOLARGLIDE provide the complete solution package, from the collection of window dimensions, through to manufacture, delivery, installation, training and aftercare services.

Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) contacted SOLARGLIDE in early 2018 looking for a solution for 46 ‘irregular’ windows for their four forward luxury suites on Deck 12 of the cruise liner MV Norwegian Star. They had tried many window dressings on these windows over the years, but none of them had fully satisfied the requirements expected of NCL. Whilst the previous 3rd party attempt of luxury roman blinds looked impressive, the functionality of these blinds wasn’t great, and NCL was looking for an improved solution.

So SOLARGLIDE set about finding a solution that addressed the functionality issues raised from past attempts. NCL was looking for a blind solution that looked good, blocked out daylight, and could be operated easily and safely by the passengers staying in the suites. These windows were trapezoidal & triangular, steeply sloped, tilted at various angles with limited space for securing brackets and fixtures. SOLARGLIDE created prototypes of the screens, carried out a detailed survey in Miami and once approved, installed 46 bespoke SG LUNAGLIDER screens in Marseille, France in May 2018. The SG LUNAGLIDER blackout screens were manufactured to the exact shape and size of the window, and special tension boxes were added to keep the fabric flat against the glass and prevent sagging and distortion of the fabric. Through meticulous planning, teamwork, and knowledge the project was successfully executed to everyone’s satisfaction.

The project interior designer shared his thoughts:

‘The installation was so much better than anything any other vendor had ever come up with for those conditions. The client was happy with the solution, so we hope the guests can also appreciate it. I’m sure we will be working on another refurbishment project with Solarglide in the Future.’

Jorge Mesa, founding partner, Studio DADO

SG LUNAGLIDER is a high-performance blackout screen that creates total privacy for cabins and living quarters by effectively turning day into night. In hot climates, SG LUNAGLIDER screens may reduce interior temperatures by up to 15% whilst also providing optimum privacy.

SOLARGLIDE operates exclusively in the marine sector and has demonstrated to its customers the highest levels or customer service and product quality. SOLARGLIDE products are used on all types of sea-going vessel, from small pilot vessels to the world’s largest cruise liners: Harmony of the Seas and Symphony of the Seas. With a wealth of experience working with naval architects, interior designers and outfitters SOLARGLIDE can tailor it’s offering for window covering solutions to meet the exacting standards of its clients.