Leading manufacturers of custom-designed carpets, Dansk Wilton have been keeping themselves busy, with high profile projects filling their portfolio in recent months. Most recently, Dansk Wilton has provided flooring to Ponant’s new Explorer series.

Hear directly from Dansk Wilton as they discuss their involvement onboard the premier Le Lapérouse vessel in this case study.

We were lucky to embark the first ship in Ponant’s new Explorer series, Le Lapérouse, when she called at Copenhagen; a rare sight for cruise enthusiasts in Copenhagen as Ponant ships mostly cruise in polar or tropical regions. Le Lapérouse was baptized in Iceland in July 2018 and is the first of six ships in the new series of Ponant Explorers.

The cruise liners are equipped with a multi-sensory underwater lounge called the Blue Eye. Two large portholes in the form of whale eyes that allow you to look down into the underwater world, unobtrusive underwater lighting, built-in hydrophones that reproduce the natural deep-water symphony, and so-called “body-listening” sofas offer guests unique multi-sensory experiences especially in the species-rich hot water areas, where the Le Lapérouse will stay for the time being. The Blue Eye is located below the waterline and is accessible to all guests.

Le Lapérouse and her sister ships have 92 cabins and suites. At a length of 131 meters, they can accommodate 184 guests, just under 50 less than on the older sister ships.

As usual, the interior is held in light, soft colours, modern and stylish with a lot of light wood in the decor, as well as many wooden furniture items. This applies to the whole ship, from the sprawling main lounge to the elegant restaurant, theatre, and cosy observation lounge.

Join us on our visit aboard Le Lapérouse and have a glimpse of the exclusive interior design and the special underwater lounge.

Carpet Facts

Ponant Explorer, Le Lapérouse, new build

Carpet solutions:
Dansk Wilton delivered custom-designed Axminster carpet solutions for corridors and stairs and Colortec carpet solutions for suites and cabins.

Carpet specifications:
Corridors and Stairs: DW Contract Axminster 1700 g/m2.

Suites and cabins: DW Contract Colortec 1500 g/m2 with integrated felt backing.

Architects: Studio Jean Philippe Nuel