JC Hospitality interior design

JC Hospitality worked alongside the talented designers at Enrique Concha & Co to supply and custom-make furniture for the new Ventus Australis expedition cruise ship in Patagonia, Chile. Having worked on a few projects with them in the past, this task was a wonderful collaboration between the two teams, leading the way for exquisitely customized & bespoke designs. A moving outdoor vessel brings its own unique challenges that must be accounted for in the design, as well as the materials chosen. JC Hospitality adapted to meet the needs of being salt air resistant, reduction in weight while maintaining stability, and non-slip solutions. These standards are imperative to ensure ultimate service, comfort, safety, and relaxation for all those on board.

JC Hospitality outfitted the cabin furniture, lounges, game room, and dining pieces. The cabins were inspired by 19th-century travel, and a luxurious and comfortable “luggage” style was developed as a natural fit for an expedition ship. JC Hospitality was able to provide the highest level of detail and customization on each of these pieces, going as far as lining the inside of the drawers with antique nautical maps of Chile. The other spaces feature a mix of brass, marble, and exquisite wood finishes on bespoke tables and seating pieces with elegant curves to match the ambience of each room.