Stena Europe's refurbishment project of Stenaline RoPax Vessel.
Stenaline RoPax Vessel

Cita Marine Furniture & Architecture has added another remarkable accomplishment to their many projects with the refurbishment works of RoPax Vessel’s from Stena Line – Stena Europe.

Cita Marine completed the project in 70 days and achieved the lowest budget to shipments allowing Gemak Group to successfully finish the Stena Europe refurbishment which set sail in July 2019.

With 95 cabins undergoing significant changes, updates included new furniture and more than 1000 pieces of fixed & movable furniture modified.  A new colour palette was created with a Norwegian taste, showing colours of natural wood light oak, anthracite grey artificial leathers and marine blue curtains and floorings. Guests will notice the new Norwegian flare and relaxing furniture as soon as they enter the cabin.

The floors and walls received a number of updates during the refurbishment; approximately 2000 m2 of screed and 550 m2 of epoxy floor were applied to worn floors throughout the ship. Along with 5000 m2 of wall decorative foil coating and 2000 m2 of wall and ceiling panel installation. Other works included the renewal of the ship’s window frame.

The Restaurant was significantly updated with the addition of functional furniture, providing guests with ample seating and viewing points. As functional as it is aesthetically pleasing, the restaurant section includes a service counter that’s perfect for dining.

Stena Europe is designed and built with sustainability at the core of every little detail by Cita Marine Furniture & Architecture. In addition, their new branch company, Cita Design established in 2019, made a great contribution to the concept design for Stena Europe.

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