Tourists not only demand luxury when travelling on cruise ships. Sustainability is increasingly becoming an important part of the travel experience and thus, the industry must follow showing environmental and social responsibility.

“With the growth of the cruise industry, the demand for luxury rises but at the same time cruise passengers become more aware of sustainability being part of the travel experience,” says Mie Jakobsen, Head of Danish Cruise & Ferry Group and organizer of the Pavilion of Denmark at Cruise Ship Interiors Expo.

“This affects the entire value chain within the cruise industry that needs to reduce environmental footprints. Accordingly, we experience a heightened awareness on the reuse of materials and social fairness among the Danish suppliers. They bring sustainable and holistic solutions to the industry developed in close cooperation with cruise liners’ designers and architects,” Mie Jakobsen explains.

Fact: Danish Cruise & Ferry Group

  • Danish Cruise & Ferry Group is a part of Danish Export Association, Denmark’s largest organiser of export promotions, networks and seminars within export.
  • Danish Cruise & Ferry Group is a network of Danish suppliers of products and solutions to shipowners, shipyards and shipping companies specialised in the cruise industry.