Cruise Ship Interiors Expo exhibitor and ship interiors outfitting firm DeRossi recently announced it has implemented a new software internally that it will eventually make available to outside interested partners. The new versatile software platform draws upon the company’s experience in serving the shipping industry, and is being used to help the firm to digitize its workflows.

“To date, the market hasn’t offered enterprise resource planning, material requirements planning, or customer relationship management solutions that are suitable for production-on-site model companies,” said Heiki Aulik, DeRossi’s CEO. “We’ve developed and put into practice a digital solution throughout the supply chain.”

“It’s a complete solution that shares the resources of all suppliers in the system and provides the user with a continuous overview of the project progress in real time.

Headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia, DeRossi services shipowners and shipyards, specializing in project design, production, and installation of ship interior products and solutions. It has served high-profile clients throughout Europe for over a decade. The company also has its own furniture production line, which allows its international team to dynamically meet customer requirements, style, quality, and schedule. DeRossi adheres to international guidelines, and its products are compliant with DNV, IMO, Solas, NMD, Norsok and ISO standards.

A New Venture, Born Internally

Software is a new venture for the firm that grew out of internal efforts to digitize its own workflows. As an Estonian company, DeRossi also had access to some of the best experts in digitization in the world – Estonia was recently named the most advanced digital society in the world by tech magazine Wired.

DeRossi’s solution offers all participants in a project the ability to communicate and interact. These include decision makers, production and supply managers, contractors, and manufacturers, as well as logistics companies involved in fulfilling orders.

“All partners will have access to or receive information on parts of the information system according to their role in the project,” said Aulik. This will allow the contracting authority and main contractor to ensure that the project progresses as planned and will be completed on time.

“There is less of a need for progress meetings, which saves the time of decision makers and professionals.”

DeRossi’s solution also includes digitized supply chain management and resource management tools, which reduces the time spent by project managers on controlling and curating processes. Automatic errors and deviations from the plans are sent to the person in charge to be remedied.

The solution provides tools for project planning and management; procurement process management, which allows suppliers to participate directly in the digital environment; change management; personnel planning and management, which makes it easy to register new employees and monitor their working hours and performance; operational work management, part of which includes the installation of kiosks in work areas to issue work orders to employees; logistics and warehouse management; tool management; production management; reporting of information; and ship management, which enables the logging of ship maintenance and repairs.

DeRossi is currently using the solution and will eventually offer this extensive solution to other shipbuilders.

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