We love design and we can’t get enough of the fascinating developments in design trends. Interior design masters aren’t just looking at the next big colour or lettering style but at the macro trends that are shaping global design.

We’ve hand-picked the biggest trends, whether they are the conversations dominating the design industry, or up-and-coming concepts that are slowly moving into the limelight. Here is our visual dictionary of the design trends that you need to know:

Design Forecasting

Design forecasting is a tool at the disposal of many forward-thinking designers. Design forecasters take a deeper look at the trends, analysing demographics, global issues and consumer behaviour. They then apply this analysis to shape their own product development.

Global Design Trends | Cruise Ship Interiors Expo America 2021

Experiential Design

In the wake of increasingly digitised lives consumers were placing higher value on experiences over objects. Experiential design engages with this trend, centring the way design shapes a consumer’s behaviour and perception. This can be something as simple as a restaurant opting for booth seating or bench seating, changing the ‘tone’ from intimate to communal.

Global Design Trends | Cruise Ship Interiors Expo America 2021

Circular Economy

Sustainability has been THE conversation globally and is likely to remain so for quite some time. Now many industries are moving past recognising the need for sustainability and starting to ask what sustainability looks like for them. Circular Economy, a framework for industry, is a sustainable solution that is growing in popularity.

Global Design Trends | Cruise Ship Interiors Expo America 2021