Fil Doux Textiles has announced their expansion into Miami. The Brooklyn-based textile company is noted for its mill-direct, luxurious upholstery and Otratex—the first-ever degradable vinyl alternative. Fil Doux Textiles have planned their expansion with the goal of better serving the hospitality industry. Specifically, Fil Doux textiles will be looking to meet the cruise market and the local architecture and design community. 

Leading the efforts in Florida for Fil Doux Textiles is industry veteran, Robert Pullen, Vice President of Hospitality & Cruise. Pullen has been with the company for five years. Leveraging his vast experience in the luxury hospitality space, Pullen made the move from New York City to Miami. There, he is connecting with cruise line owners and operators as well as architects, designers, and other decision-makers. The aim is to introduce them to Fil Doux Textiles’ innovative and progressive approach to sustainable textiles.

Meeting the cruise lines’ needs

Fil Doux Textiles have carefully planned their expansion and new products around the cruise market’s needs. Robert Pullen lays out how their skills are an ideal match for cruise lines’ needs:

“Fil Doux Textiles is proud to be a mill-direct leader with over 80 years of experience in producing high-quality, soft-to-the-touch fabrics. As a brand, we’ve seen much success in the hospitality industry and are looking forward to seeing this with the cruise market as well. Before jumping in, we tested every single fabric to ensure they met industry standards and IMO certifications. We understand the cruise industry’s need for quick turn-around and we think they are going to love our unrivaled four-to-six week lead times. We are excited to share our growing product collections with all the cruise brands and designers here in Miami and the shipyards around the world.”

Otratex, the first-ever degradable vinyl alternative

One of their most exciting products is Otratex, the first-ever degradable vinyl alternative. Styled as ‘The Conscious Choice’, it is bleach-cleanable and salt-friendly. It meets the highest hygiene and sanitation needs. Simultaneously, it supports the design without compromising style and performance. Treated with Pro-Tech Plus, a powerful bleach cleanable, water-based ink and denim protectant, Otratex provides the market with a vinyl alternative that can stand up to industrial-grade cleaners. Otratex will not erode when using bleach, crucial for the cruise ship markets. The fabric also has the option to be treated with Copper-Shield by Pro-Tech. Copper-Shield is a new copper-based protectant that provides an antimicrobial shield in tandem with the company’s Pro-Tech stain defense.

Pullen looks towards the successful future, saying, “Bringing over 15 years of hospitality experience to this new market, I knew Fil Doux Textiles’ success in the industry would naturally translate into cruise interiors. I’m honored to have the opportunity to spearhead this new division for our knowledgeable and innovative team and look forward to infiltrating Miami’s cruise and design communities.”