Fipro have announced their brand-new weight saving product for decorative wall panels: Fipro Light 500. This specialist product consists of lightweight panels for corridors and public areas on board modern cruise ships, ferries and off-shore platforms.

Fipro realise that it’s not always easy to comply to the strict specifications of IMO- and MED- certified materials and still save weight.  With Fipro Light 500 they have created the lightest hardcore panel that achieves a B15 fire rating. The panels are 30% lighter than comparable products.

In fact, their innovation didn’t stop at saving weight. Aware that sustainability is becoming a key trend driver in cruise ship interiors Fipro have built in several key sustainable features. Fipro Ligth 500 is manufactured entirely from naturally occurring materials. No artificial fibres are added. When sorted correctly the panels can be completely recycled.

Why should designers consider the Fipro Light 500?

The weight savings offered by the Fipro Light 500 allow designers more freedom in other areas of design. More complex and perhaps heavier design materials can be used. When considering that there are 10.000-30.000m² of non-combustible boards on board a ship, then the potential weight saving can be dramatic. Sustainably minded designers have much to consider too. Designers with natural materials and recycling in mind can choose Fipro Light 500 to reduce the carbon footprint of a vessel.

Flexible options

Fipro have ensured that they are offering a well-rounded project, that offers a depth of options for design projects. In addition to weight-saving and sustainable features, Fipro can manufacture radius wall panels as well as other necessary feature components. Any IMO/MED certified surface material can be applied to fulfil the interior design specification. This includes HPL, vinyl, wallpaper and tiles, to name but a few examples. Fipro hold over 170 different marine certificates (A, B and C class fire ratings). In addition to this, the Fipro Light 500 are anti-bacterial.

Want to talk to Fipro about what Fipro Light 500 can do for your project? Visit them on Booth 627 at Cruise Ship Interiors Expo America, 28 – 29 October 2021.