Limitless Possibilities is more than just a company tagline at FrameWorks. In the last 30 years, the Cruise Ship Interiors Expo exhibitor has developed into an industry leader with the finest framers, a 20,000 square foot manufacturing facility and a team of outstanding creative artists.

FrameWorks recently completed a custom art package for a Floridian hotel located on a tropical beach, with the design direction of ‘lush and chic in muted tones’. New interiors for the hotel space emphasize a natural palette of light woods, hints of metal, and lots of texture. FrameWorks met with the design team and created multiple three-dimensional pieces that act as an extension of the organic scheme. The client embraced the highly textured approach, and the final selection included the white opulent leaf forms in an overlapping composition.

Once the concept was approved, FrameWorks’ team of artists got to work creating the palm and monstera leaf fronds, cutting them on their in-house CNC router, hand dying the paper in a tea bath, and expertly placing the fronds inside deep shadow box frames.

These white and cream beauties catch the light and shadows and have become our new favorites.

About FrameWorks

FrameWorks’ nimble and creative team of artists and craftspeople can produce custom framed art, utilize interesting substrates like acrylic, canvas, metal, and wood, fabricate showstopping wallcovering, create custom 3-dimensional shadow boxes, and curate sculpture or painting, all from their in-house studio.