Every time a guest raises a glass to take a drink, one thing must be certain: these objects must be totally hygienic so that they can be used without hesitation. Warewashing is the process of cleaning the wares used in the preparation or service of food. Hygiene is a crucial aspect of this process and can be achieved through optimising the following four factors:

  • Time
  • Mechanical action
  • Temperature
  • Chemicals (ie detergent and rinse aid)

Cruise lines must balance and measure these factors in order to deliver the perfect cleaning result. MEIKO’s warewashing technology achieves the perfect interplay between these four factors while boasting many advantages over manual cleaning processes.

The benefits of using a machine for warewashing

The greatest benefit of using a machine for warewashing is improved hygiene. Manual warewashing utilises sponges and tea towels which can be risky as washing sponges often carry high numbers of germs. Tea towels can pose another potential hygiene risk as they should be changed several times a day and, after use, be washed at temperatures of at least 60 °C. A warewashing machine eliminates this potential hygiene risk and extra cleaning efforts.

Additionally, with MEIKO warewashers, the wash process takes place inside the machine. This eliminates the risk of releasing aerosols and steam into the air, which can spread pathogens and other germs throughout the galley.

MEIKO warewashers offer improved hygiene for cruise ship galleys

Time efficient

Machines can save time by reducing the need for manual labour. A glasswasher can wash up to 25 glasses in 90 seconds, depending on the size of the rack, the machine and the glasses. It can handle larger volumes of glassware than any human dish washer, all at the push of a button. A warewashing machine will also clean each glass identically, ensuring an equal level of hygiene per item. This saves time and pressure for staff, meaning they can direct more attention to serving customers or focusing on other tasks.

MEIKO warewashers can also save time otherwise spent manually drying dishes or glasses, especially when using a MEIKO GiO MODULE (optional reverse osmosis system) and MEIKO AirConcept or ComfortAir (heat recovery systems which aid in drying washware). Instead, when the wash process ends, the rack of clean washware can be removed. This should be left to stand next to the warewashing machine so that the residual moisture evaporates while the glasses are still warm.

a man placing glasses in a meiko warewasher
MEIKO warewashers can also save time otherwise spent manually drying dishes or glasses

Mechanical action

Commercial dishwashers feature several programmes meaning the user can select one according to the degree of residue on the dishes. These wash programmes then run automatically inside the machine, reliably removing viruses and other germs.


In manual washing, the optimal temperature to reliably inactivate certain viruses (above 60 °C) or to effectively remove certain substances (e.g. at least 55 °C is required for fats) cannot be reached or tolerated because of the level of skin exposure involved. This temperature also cannot be maintained consistently throughout the manual washing process. However, the water temperature in MEIKO glasswashers is 60 °C per wash cycle and 65 °C for the rinse cycle. These temperatures are kept constant by the double-walled construction which combats fluctuations. This means the required temperature is met, otherwise the machine automatically extends the wash programme.

Chemical agents

When manually washing dishes and wares, detergent and rinse aid must be added to the wash water by hand. Chemical dosing must be checked at set intervals, which leaves room for error, particularly during peak and rush times. This can cause issues as if the dosing is too high; skin is affected, and an odour can build up in the glasses. However, if the dosing is too low, the chemical agents will not be effective enough (especially when contact is brief).

Warewashing machines can eliminate these risks as they manage the correct dosing of chemical agents through an automatic process. The required detergent and rinse aid are automatically fed into the tank or boiler from the attached chemical canisters on every fill cycle. This means that little input is needed, with display notifications providing information when chemical agents need to be refilled.


With over 2,500 staff working across 30 countries with its partners, MEIKO develops clean solutions for cruise ships worldwide. MEIKO’s mission is to “make the world cleaner”. Their tool: passion for technology and quality. Their offer: Professional solutions for rinsing, recycling of wet waste, cleaning and disinfection.

Dependability and Quality

MEIKO’s customers believe the definition of quality is durability and innovation, coupled with reliable service. MEIKO is more than a manufacturer; they are a partner. They can help plan an effective ware washing area with hygiene and workflow in mind – whether in the galley or another creative venue. MEIKO also offers unique solutions for growing trends too. From washing refillable water or juice bottles to eradicating disposable wares by switching to reusable cups, MEIKO can provide or help design the right product.

One quick visit gives you peace of mind

When your equipment has been standing idle for an unprescribed period of time, MEIKO will also assist you in preparing it for return to service. Their team can offer free advice and complementary Health Check inspections with a status report. As part of this, MEIKO’s Technical Service Team will inspect your machine to ensure it’s in good condition, operating safely, and at top efficiency.

MEIKO’s Technical Service Team can inspect your machine to ensure it’s in good condition

 MEIKO will show you the safest and fastest way to restart and reset your machine to the correct operating parameters and advise you of any machine-related concerns or issues. Then, once your machine is back in action, MEIKO will provide a certificate that your machine is operating safely and properly. You will have the safety and security of knowing that your MEIKO machines will inactivate coronavirus in ONE WASH CYCLE.

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