Cruise Ship Interiors Expo America sponsor O. Creations is an established supplier of custom decorative furnishing and lighting fittings for cruise ship interior spaces. Having worked with the likes of MSC Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line and more means they know the ins and outs of designing a custom piece that will transform a cruise interior space and make a lasting impact.

We asked O. Creations what goes into their turnkey process of developing beautiful and bespoke lighting and furnishing designs. See what they have to say below…

Can you tell us about O.Creations?

O. Creations was launched in 2006 in Padua with the aim of becoming the perfect partner for interior naval professionals. The company specializes in the planning and realization of custom decorative furnishing and lighting fittings for public areas on cruise ships. These include restaurants, halls, theaters, shops, lounges and bars, spa and wellness areas, as well as cabins.

O. Creations has two divisions, Highlight and Ambience, set up to provide bespoke lighting and furnishing solutions for cruise ships. Could you tell us more about these?

Thanks to experience, know-how and working methodology acquired over the years, O. Creations has realized lighting and bespoke solutions on board cruise ships from the world’s leading cruise lines. These include MSC Cruises, Costa Cruises, Princess Cruises, Carnival Cruise Line, Holland America Line, P&O Cruises, Silversea Cruises, and Viking Cruises. Originally, we began with providing lighting solutions but later expanded our production (on customer’s request) to also provide furnishing solutions.  Therefore, we have now created two different divisions, each one with a dedicated, specialized team.

O. Creations offers turnkey services, managing all phases of the project, from conception to delivery. Can you tell us more about this process?

For each project, O. Creations manages all phases, from the concept design to the selection of the best materials for the production and then to the on-site installation and implementation. This turnkey solution meets aesthetic, functional, and international standards. Starting from a simple concept or from the customer’s idea, O. Creations will undergo a deep analysis of all aspects (practical and functional) to design a solution. This is a fundamental procedure in the creation of customized solutions. At this point, we develop the project through technical drawings with the aim to define with extreme precision every single element of the final product. Before delivery to the customer, we assemble the product at O. Creations. This allows the team to verify its qualitative, aesthetic and functional conformity throughout assembly.

What impact does lighting have on a cruise interior space?

Lighting is a fundamental detail in a cruise interior space. It contributes to creating a cozy ambience for guests. As lighting is the first impact you have entering in a room, it is vital to consider the mood it creates. This is key to ensuring guests can enjoy their experience to the fullest. There are different types of lighting: daily and nightly. Daily gives light to your breakfasts, lunches and moments of relaxation. On the other hand, nightly illuminates your dinners and evenings with friends, or while reading a book to unwind.

How can furnishings transform a cruise interior design?

Furnishing should meet the needs of the ambience depending on the area it is placed in. For example, if we are working on a theater, we would need comfortable armchairs and useful small side tables to enjoy a drink during the show. However, if we are talking about a dancing area, we would need wide spaces to let people dance. Here, we would realize height adjustable tables that could be hidden under the floor during dance shows.

What do you derive inspiration from in your lighting and furnishing designs?

We are specialized in making your ideas come true. In fact, most of our realizations are made starting from the customer’s idea and through our creative team, we follow each part of the process, from the sketch to the technical drawing, production, assembly, and delivery. We can describe our highly skilled team as innovative, as well as full of new ideas and resources. For example, a few years ago we realized a big lighting fitting on a famous cruise ship that makes you feel like you are looking at a waterfall with cold lights and transparent elements. This huge crystal pillar curtain was situated in the Hall.

Could you tell us about a recent project that was interesting, unique or challenging in some way?

Recently we developed a huge lighting fitting for the MSC Meraviglia that was 12 meters long and twisted on itself. We built the fixture in front of a walkway situated near a large window overlooking the sea. The architect’s idea was to develop a big structure visible from 3 heights and internally illuminated in order to make the stay in the Champagne Bar area a wonderful experience. This project was challenging but interesting at the same time because it wasn’t easy to develop a huge lighting fitting with similar design elements, a stable structure and light enough to remain suspended.

In the same area, we also developed different wall lamps that resembled ice effects.

On another cruise ship, we developed a lighting fitting for the dance area made of many different sized circles that could change color depending on the type of the show.

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