Flooring is arguably the most impactful part of a cruise ship interior. Gone are the days of garish, gaudy carpets in 70s-style ballrooms; now more than ever cruise lines are trying to give their guests a contemporary, home-away-from-home feel.

When it comes to providing interiors for sea-worthy vessels, function and durability is as important as appearance. Outfitting the top deck lido means considering resilient materials that can handle the ocean’s oft-stormy temperament.

At Cruise Ship Interiors Expo, our exhibitors will be displaying a variety of flooring – from the uber-functional to the visually appealing, and everything in between.

Creative Matters, Inc.

World-renowned floor and wallcovering suppliers, Creative Matters design custom carpets, rugs, and wallpapers for hospitality, residential, and commercial projects. Over the past few years, Creative Matters, have created custom designs for high profile clients such as Bergdorf Goodman, Louis Vuitton, and Gucci.

View Creative Matters’ featured projects and see their custom designs in action.

Dansk Wilton

Starting as a family-owned company in 1953, Dansk Wilton has since become one of the leading carpet specialists within the international hospitality industry. Dansk Wilton prides itself on providing passion and expertise through their attentive carpet specialists. Their unique carpet designs can be found on several commercial cruise liners, including the Seabourn Quest and the Seven Seas Explorer.

Forbo Flooring Systems

Leading flooring suppliers to the hospitality sector, including rail, air, and cruise, Forbo offer a vast range of floor coverings, alongside an expansive portfolio of IMO and non-IMO certified flooring.

With its digitally printed Flotex FR, Forbo has been taking the cruise interiors world by storm. As the need for more innovative, unique designs onboard cruise ships grows, Forbo has grown with it, creating a greater variety of colours and designs than ever. With Flotex FR, cruise lines are allowed complete customization of existing designs, as well as the option of bespoke creations.

Now, Forbo is working to promote safety and cleanliness aboard marine vessels with its Coral Marine FR. Designed to cope with high volumes of foot traffic, as well as dirt and moisture, Forbo’s latest innovation combats these issues, stopping up to 95% of dirt and moisture at the point of entry. By investing in an effective entryway system, cruise lines are able to save time and money with regards to the cleaning and renovating of flooring.


France-based company Gerflor manufacture IMO flooring solutions, primarily dedicated to new build and refurbishment programs in the cruise market.

One of their most popular ranges, the Streamo Karavel, offers decorative luxury vinyl tiles with comprehensive colour choices and high technical performance to combat traffic and slip-risks.

Alternatively, Gerflor’s Streamo Homogenous range displays a variety of different patterns with updated modern colours, alongside the Evercare patented surface treatment, ideal for a cruise ship environment.

GTF Freese Marine Flooring

Family-run flooring suppliers GTF Freese offer leading technologies to create high-performance floors for the marine sector. Offering a complete range of subfloors, deck coverings, noise-reducing systems, and vibration-damping structures, GTF Freese is known for its high-quality products and excellent turn-key installation services.

Catering to a variety of needs, GTF Freese provides multiple solutions to the marine sector: from their TEFROTEX® primary deck coverings, to the TEFROLITH® insulating floors, TEFROKA® and TEFRO® floor, GTF Freese will bring about the best results, whatever your requirements.


Through the Wineo brand, global company Windmöller has developed a special flooring solution, ideal for the marine sector.

Purline, organic flooring from Wineo, is a high-quality, high-performance flooring solution made from plant-based oils including canola and castor oil, as well as naturally-occurring mineral components such as chalk. Comprised of more than 100 unique designs, Wineo use the latest digital printing technology to create designs to suit each individual project.