Innovative furniture creators, Vondom create designs by and for dynamic people and innovators who demand only the best quality.

Their newest launch, the Voxel Chair is the perfect conceptual architectural piece for any space. Based on the Vertex Chair, a former piece by Vondom.

The Voxel Chair presents a unique structural shape, angular and faceted, only possible due to a production by injection moulding instead of by rotational moulding. Its weight is distributed in a balanced way due to its smartly designed shape. Its lightweight body makes it easy to transport and arrange. These chairs can be stacked on top of each other, thus saving a considerable space when they are stored. It is a fine complement for a wide range of ambiences; being suitable for dining rooms, meeting rooms, celebrations and lecture halls, or just for seating outdoors in a magnificent, sophisticated space. The Voxel chair has achieved a beautiful balance between form and function.

The Voxel Chair’s structural and aesthetic simplicity makes it similar to a piece of art. It enlivens a space with sophistication and wit, while adapting to the function of the space. Its stack-ability provides its design with a fair level of convenience and innovation. This chair is a good example of democratic design, high-end looking but reasonably affordable, that takes into account the need for both functionality and beauty.