With a show floor of more than 250 marine interiors suppliers, numerous conference sessions, and the co-located Marine Catering Expo, there’s going to be a lot going on at the Miami Beach Convention Center come June 19. To help streamline your experience at the event and ensure you get a taste of the industry’s latest and most innovative offerings, we’ll be offering 16 live product demonstrations across two days. Taking place at their booths, exhibitors will showcase just one product or service during a designated 15-minute time slot.

Taking place from 10:30AM – 3:45PM on Wednesday, June 19 and Thursday, June 20, attending every live product demo could prove quite the challenge. To streamline the process, we’ve selected our top picks for each day (although, in our eyes, they’re all must-attends!)

Day 1  Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Live product demonstration

Forbo – True Design Inspiration with Flotex FR

Forbo Flooring Systems supplies bespoke flooring solutions to the cruise industry. As manufacturers of a range of floor coverings, Forbo is able to provide expert advice and create flooring that works for you. On the show floor, Forbo will showcase its Flotex FR flooring solution. Flotex FR is a textile flocked floor covering that meets all the fire safety standards and makes for an ideal solution wherever a hard-wearing, attractive, hygienic, and easy to clean marine floor covering is required.

Iconic Design Concepts – Lightweight Composite Panels to Mimic Wood and Leather

With vast experience in the hospitality, commercial, and residential sectors, Iconic Design Concepts is expert at executing large-format architectural projects. In addition, Iconic Design Concepts produces its own unique lines of high-end faux wood, faux chrome, and faux leather dimensional wall tiles. At Cruise Ship Interiors Expo, Iconic Design Concepts will showcase its lightweight composite panels, designed to mimic wood and leather. At this live product demo, expect to learn about the brand’s new and innovative manufacturing processes and products designed specifically for the cruise industry.

Day Two – Thursday, June 20, 2019

Dianthus Miami

Dianthus Miami – Walls Come to Life! Living Walls with Master Florist Walter Vermeulen

Miami-based experts in flora, Dianthus Miami specializes in creating and supplying custom premium floral designs to bring life to events, yachts, and luxury cruise liners. With the touch of their master florist, any interior can be transformed. On-site Dianthus Miami’s Dutch master florist, Walter Vermeulen, will show guests how Dianthus Miami builds living walls.

Fil Doux Textiles

Fil Doux Textiles – Vinylife Impact

If you’re interested in sustainable solutions to the cruise industry, Fil Doux Textiles’ live product demonstration is not to be missed. Beginning in Chile with a family-owned mill 80 years ago, today Fil Doux Textiles controls four fully vertical fabric and vinyl mills in South America, allowing full customization and superior lead time on its woven fabrics, drapery, sheers, Vinylife, leather, and digital textile prints. At its booth, Fil Doux Textiles will present the enhanced biodegradable, proprietary Vinylife product, offering durability which is ideal for the hospitality industry.


Luxuryspa – Whirlpool Spas and Hot Tubs

Italy-based whirlpool spa providers, Luxuryspa will be showcasing its signature products, whirlpool spas and hot tubs. Specializing in supplying and replacing whirlpool spas on outdoor decks of cruise vessels and hot tubs inside the suite cabins, Luxuryspa also offers customized solutions created from top-quality materials. All products are made from high-quality materials and are highly resistant to impact and abrasion, as well as being fully compliant with hygiene standards.