This week’s Meet the Innovators features Agua Fabrics (watch the full video below!). Cruise Conversations (CC) CEO Toby Walters is joined by Director of Agua Fabrics Josh Ralton. The pair discuss how Agua Fabrics’ history in the medical industry have helped them navigate the events of 2020 and how their new product is pushing the boundaries of possibility.

Agua Fabrics is a family run business, launched in 1930. They got their start specialising in textiles for healthcare. Since then, they expanded their clients and product range to include cruise and hospitality. As Toby Walters pointed out during the video chat, as suppliers to both the healthcare and the cruise industry, Agua Fabrics were uniquely positioned to navigate the unusual market drivers of the last year.

Although Agua Fabrics are no strangers to innovation, AguaGuard365 represents the cutting edge of performance fabric technology. Having produced technical fabrics with antimicrobial properties for around 20 years, Agua Fabrics were able to swiftly produce a protection system with proven effectivity against COVID-19.

Josh talks with Toby to explore the inception of AguaGuard365, their partnership with a Swiss laboratory to create a unique formula, the proven 99.99% efficiency and the product’s roll out – and more. Watch the video here and learn more about how AguaGuard365 can be used – from face masks to upholstery, it’s available to you. Learn more about the science behind AguaGuard365 here. The document digs deep into how the protection product works, what makes it so effective and its potential for real world application.  

Watch Meet the Innovators: Agua Fabrics below, and visit the Cruise Conversations YouTube channel for more.