Here at Cruise Ship Interiors (CSI) and Cruise Ship Hospitality (CSH), we seek to bring you the latest information about the cutting edge innovations in cruise interiors design and products, so we went to the source: our exhibitors. Meet the Innovators, our bite-sized Cruise Conversations video series features interviews with leading suppliers at the forefront of the latest innovations in the cruise industry. Last time, CSI and CSH CEO Toby Walters, caught up with CSI and CSH exhibitor Hollander Sleep & Décor to learn about their antiviral protection for pillows, blankets and mattresses.

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This week, we meet with Matteo Sghedoni of Fiandre Architectural Surfaces, a worldwide producer of porcelain tiles for floors and counters. Fiandre Architectural Surfaces serve 150 countries and have fulfilled a range of projects, from restaurant floors to hotel suites. In this episode, Matteo introduces their pioneering new product, Active Surfaces. Thanks to its ingenious design, Active Surfaces combines aesthetic with high-quality products that are made to last. These versatile surfaces can be applied anywhere, from bathrooms to bars, and can be used for flooring, walls and counters, allowing them to fit any design. Made of high-quality porcelain stoneware, Active Surfaces can handle intensive wear and even be used in high footfall areas.

Providing cutting-edge protection from viruses

Over the last year, hygiene has been at the forefront of everybody’s mind. The challenge many cruise lines face is balancing how to make vessels safer while maintaining brand style and quality. Fiandre Architectural Surfaces took this into consideration while developing Active Surfaces. In addition to its versatility and aesthetic appeal, Active Surfaces is the result of 10 years of research and testing at the University of Milan. This research has ensured the surfaces are both antibacterial and antiviral to ensure the safety of passengers and crew. Active Surfaces also boasts self-cleaning properties, which reduce repair and maintenance costs. Pair this with the durability to withstand UV lighting, and Active Surfaces is undeniably a safe and sustainable choice for cruise design.

Watch the latest Meet the Innovators webinar to learn more from Matteo about how Active Surfaces works to kill 99% of viruses on contact while complementing any design.

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