KETTAL continue their reign as one of the most innovative and productive manufacturers of indoor and outdoor furniture. They’ve recently released a brand new collection – the Molo collection – a new armchair – the Net club armchair – and expanded the Meteo Collection with Meteo S. Phew!

Net Club

KETTAL’s touch with colour is always their secret weapon. See how the colour change on the Net club armchair transforms it from a cool neutral to an eye-catching monochrome feature. KETTAL know that their versatility with colour is a key attraction for designers – that’s why they offer such range with every design. The Net club armchair is available in 18 “Bela Rope” colours, 30 “Terrain Paints” aluminium colours and 34 “Terrain Laminate” fabrics.

Molo Collection

From armchair to modular seating, KETTAL’s modular sofa Molo is here. KETTAL have paid attention to the needs of their customers. Hospitality designers want flexibility and adaptability from their modular seating. KETTAL has provided. Customers can take apart and reorder every element of the Molo collection, creating new uses and configurations. The design is aesthetically minimalistic with intentionally oversized pieces. Further adding to the collection’s flexibility is the many combinations of fabrics and colours available, including optional edged seat and backrest cushions.

Meteo S

KETTAL aims to take the next steps in sunshade design with Meteo S. The heart of this design is sustainability. How? Meteo S is made with 70 percent recycled materials. This project has been developed on the basis of Kettal’s experience in garden furniture. KETTAL were motivated by a genuine search for performance and quality in design. Meteo S is a contemporary, comfortable product. It’s made of the most intelligent materials, designed for efficient and long-lasting protection.

Modular seating, extensive colour options, recycled and recyclable materials… Every new release from KETTAL is bursting with ideas. Keep an eye out for KETTAL’s next development – they’re sure to keep changing the game.