Electronic touch switch 8in 7out 3 modules: design and technology made in Vimar

Vimar is pleased to present its new solution for high-end interior equipment for yachts and cruise liners: a new electronic touch plate from the Eikon Tactil family, the luxury wiring devices range that adopts precious materials like crystal glass, stone, leather, Corian and wood.

The new product allows the complete management of all functions implemented by the onboard automation system from a third party supplier (i.e. PLC or Automation system with low-voltage digital interfaces). 

It consists of 2 main components:

  • Electronic module: the heart of the device. Plastic case with plug-in connectors and 23.5mm depth for quick and easy installation, six configurable and independent RGB LEDs for backlight with icons (engraved in replaceable polyester labels) useful to indicate the functions of the touch buttons.
  • Decorative Face Plate: a crystal plate secured to the electronic module, machined with diamond tools and water-cooled to ensure the highest standard of quality. Customizable with laser engraving for the highest exclusivity.

Functionality and aesthetic features

Proximity: As soon as the faceplate is approached, a proximity sensor activates the built-in RGB LED backlights.

Independent controls and feedback: the six control touch buttons are independent and each one of them can have a different colour thanks to the RGB LEDs. The colour can change dynamically depending on the programming of the automation system.

Shutters: one or more pairs can be configured in shutter mode (instead of the monostable button)


Since it was born, Vimar has always been synonymous with design and quality Made in Italy, offering its customers aesthetically coordinated and customizable devices. With this product and its high technological content, Vimar confirms its leadership in the pursuit of a modern design that can be suited to all environments. A design Made in Vimar.

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