Cruise Ship Interiors Expo exhibitor Fabricut Contract is a worldwide wholesale distributor for the hospitality, senior living, and maritime interior design industry; providing textile and wallcovering solutions to everyday specifications.

Fabricut provides industry-leading drapery, bedding, upholstery and performance fabrics, hospitality wallcoverings, trimmings, decorative drapery hardware and finished product solutions through their Fabricut Contract, S. Harris and FR-One hospitality brands, and as the exclusive US distributor of Muraspec Wallcoverings, they provide an extensive offering of more than 5,000 IMO-rated fabrics and wallcoverings.

Fabricut say their mission is to inspire, with a wide range of beautiful, luxurious fabrics that conform to all safety standards, meeting the needs of the most demanding hospitality and commercial projects.

In this article Fabricut introduces their new range of fire-retardant fabrics, FR-One. FR-One fabrics provide a comprehensive variety of soft and beautiful inherently fire retardant fabrics allowing for the creation of quality hospitality and commercial spaces with inviting interiors.

Dining scene featuring Stonework FR-One Raffia (lighter seats) and Charcoal (darker seats), Restore FR-One Anchor (curtains), and Vintage Chenille FR-One Ash (large sofas)


FR-One’s decorative fabrics are an interior textile solution that meets all Fire Retardant (FR) standards worldwide.

“They ensure peace of mind: our products will both perform to and are compliant with every FR standard worldwide.”

Form and Function

The inherently FR fabric collections are developed by Fabricut’s in-house team of designers and textile engineers. Their product designers focus on a visual and natural, tactile appeal as well as performance and quality elements, for example: sustainability, durability, colorfastness, washability, sound absorption and fire-retardancy. FR-One boasts a full array of fabrics for any project, from upholstery to drapery, including dim outs, and sheers, in variety of constructions and designs.

FR & Durability Standards

FR-One fabrics are suited to high-traffic interior spaces, as each new design undergoes stringent mechanical testing to ensure optimum quality and durability. The fabrics stay fresh and new for longer thanks to Fabricut’s high quality standards. In addition, they are easy to care for and do not release any harmful finishes into the environment throughout their use or during washing.

FR-One passes the below standards and more:

  • European FR Standard – EN 13773 & EN 1021
  • International Maritime Organization
  • FR Standard – IMO FTPC part 7, 8, 9
  • French FR Standard – M1
  • German FR Standard – B1
  • British FR standard – BS5867, BS7175, BS7176
  • USA FR contract drapery standard
  • NFPA701, 260A/UFAC Class 1, ASTM E84

Easy Care

H₂O tests estimate the damage that prolonged exposure to moisture at different temperatures can do to fabrics. FR-One fabrics comply with the international standard for assessing dimensional variation (washing and drying – ISO 3759). Many FR-One collections are washable at 74⁰C / 160⁰F, passing the American Hospital Washing Standard (AATCC96) for hygiene and cleanliness.

bedroom scene with fr-one fabrics
Room scene featuring Vintage Chenille FR-One Silver (bedframe), Vintage Chenille FR-One Aqua (stool and sofa cushion), Imprint FR-One Putty (sofa cover and bed pillow), and Logo FR-One Cream (small bed cushion)

Acoustic Testing

Most FR-One fabrics are classified as ‘Extremely Absorbing’ category A and B under the International Sound Reverberation Standard (ISO 354-11654). Sound absorbing fabric drastically improves the sonic ambiance in an interior environment.

OEKO-TEX Certification

FR-One fabrics are certified under the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®. The STANDARD 100 is a product quality label for textiles and accessories that have been tested for harmful substances.

Products certified with OEKO-TEX® do not contain any harmful substances. This certification means optimal transparent supplier relationships upholding a consistent standard of excellence. The certification is globally standardized and is updated annually, based on new scientific developments and statutory requirements.

Fast Track

Fabricut’s drapery-focused Fast Track service is instantly available from stock. 30 fabric SKU’s of contract essentials, which are engineered to fit project and commercial requirements immediately when and where you need them most.

“A combination of faster deliveries and our best-selling, permanently Inherent FR fabrics means that your contract project will be completed on time and within budget.”

bedroom scene with fr-one fabrics
Bedroom scene featuring Buenos Aires FR-One Sesame (curtains), Sandover FR-One Linen (thick curtains), Restore FR-One Charcoal (bed cushions), Darwin FR-One Slate (bed covers)

New Collections

This season, Fabricut is adding five thoughtfully developed collections that include multipurpose, upholstery, drapery and sheers. The range embraces timeless and proven best-sellers, including Vintage Chenille and Annex, all of which have been reinvented for today’s hospitality and commercial spaces.


Classic yet modern, FR-One’s best-selling Annex is a wide-width faux linen woven with a luxurious recycled polyester yarn that offers a durable and drapable quality for seamless drapery applications. Composed of 52% recycled Global Recycling Standard certified polyester, and available in 18 colours, Annex is an exciting quality for today’s increasingly astute and conscientious market.

room scene with fr-one fabrics
Room scene featuring Restore FR-One Charcoal (curtains), Buenos Aires FR-One Pearl (thin curtains), Travertine FR-One Metal (dark sofas), Vintage Chenille FR-One Aqua (armchair), Bayonne FR-One Flax (light sofas), Annex FR-One Surf (stools)

Velvet Anthology vol.iii

A range of signature jacquard velvets with striking designs and available in a succinct and rich colour range. Adorn is a large-scale traditional damask. Groove is a modern large-scale medallion with dimensional texture. Imprint is an abstract irregular texture in an exaggerated scale. Logo is a modern design with great visual texture and movement. Token is a medium scale, classic Greek Key design. Trace is a contemporary large-scale all over hatch mark design.

Stonework & Travertine

Stonework and Travertine mirror the look and texture of natural woven linens in the form of a durable engineered vinyl. Stonework is a highly textural emboss with a strié print effect. Travertine is a linen-look texture printed to enhance the slub effect. Travertine and Stonework’s soft, enduring and neutral colour palette compliments the collection.

Solar Remodel

Luxurious and elegant, Solar Remodel is a collection of wide-width dimouts reimagined in recycled polyester qualities; offering shimmering textures and vibrant satin solids. Renovate is FR-One’s first 100% recycled polyester wide-width dimout certified by the Global Recycling Standard, and is available in a broad and versatile colour palette. Restore features a small basket weave texture subtly combining matte and shiny yarns to create a wide-width dimout with excellent tactility and dimension.

Revise is composed of fine multi-coloured and lurex yarns delivering a glamorous dimout that catches the light. Spark has an organic, dry and tactile look and feel, this dimout brings a sophisticated quality to any interior.

Vintage Chenille vol.ii

FR-One’s best-selling chenille texture has been refreshed with a deeper colour palette; now available in a total of 39 rich and on-trend colours. Vintage Chenille’s excellent durability and luxurious touch has made this fabric the go-to chenille for designers and specifiers alike.

bedroom scene with fr-one fabrics
Bedroom scene featuring Vintage Chenille FR-One Aubergine (bed headboard), Restore FR-One Rust (curtains), Token FR-One Aubergine (bed cushions)

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