Cruise Ship Interiors Expo is proud to present their innovative new exhibitor, RefitCube.

RefitCube is the next generation in protection systems for Elevator, Stainless Steel, Railing and Textiles for hotels and the cruise line industry. By using RefitCube your company will have peace of mind knowing you will save time and labour. This custom-fit, lightweight protection system is fitted inside each of your designated spaces in need of protection. The installation is timely and efficient, guaranteed to withstand the largest construction jobs for their entirety.

Designed by a US Navy Veteran with over 20 years of construction experience, who began the conceptual development while working with stainless steel and elevators in the cruise line industry. This creatively developed leading industry protection system is guaranteed to protect.

Elevators after using RefitCube

While current protection systems made of plywood need significant upkeep, perform imperfectly and are disposed of once the job is completed, RefitCube offers a high-performance, sustainable product. Once the the refurbishment or newbuild project is completed, RefitCube can dismantle and store their protective system, to be used on the cruise line’s next project.

Performance properties include:

  • Guaranteed to withstand the longevity of hotel and cruise line construction and refurbishment
  • Certified Flame Retardant CSFM Title 19 and NFPA 701
  • Breaking Strength 310 lbs
  • Tear Resistance 155 lbs
  • Hydro Static Resistance 510 psi
  • Adhesion Peel 32 lbs
  • Abrasion Resistance 25,000 Cycles

Key Benefits

RefitCube offers tear resistance, longer service life and more durable protection under the most rugged working conditions. The material is self-extinguishing and fluid proof. Liquids will not penetrate as it provides an impermeable barrier against fluids, gasses, dust and other contaminates. It is completely waterproof.

The material is inert, so resists mildew, most chemicals, oils, greases and carries a ‘will not rot’ guarantee. This makes it more than capable of withstanding the toughest of working environments.

Although the product is tough, it is designed for usability. Lightweight, it is easy to install and remove and stores compactly inside its custom case.