Organic flooring from Wineo

Wineo PURLINE Organic Flooring: the Best Ingredients for Every Challenge

Modern shipbuilding and progressive offshore facilities require a great deal of technical expertise as well as reliable and, above all, resilient technologies. The overriding aim is not only to withstand the challenges of the high seas, but also to offer people a modern and, in particular, safe environment at sea.

With these specific requirements in mind, the flooring brand wineo has developed a special flooring solution: PURLINE organic flooring wineo 1500 sea. wineo PURLINE organic flooring is a high-quality polyurethane flooring solution made from the finest materials. The basis is provided by ecuran, a high-performance composite material that is manufactured primarily from plant-based oils such as canola oil or castor oil and naturally-occurring mineral components such as chalk. wineo 1500 sea impresses most of all with its sustainability, combined with its extreme hard-wearing features. It provides optimum attributes in the event of fire, i.e. thanks to its high-quality formula, develops no toxic gases and only minimal quantities of smoke. Escape routes thereby remain visible and provide orientation when emergencies occur. It is resistant to chemical and mechanical influences and UV radiation, greatly reduces impact sound and, with R10, is extremely slip-resistant.

The collection comprises more than 100 authentic, individual and unique designs in both, plank and roll format. If it is wood, stone or fantasy design, the latest digital printing technology enables wineo to make even the most individual design wishes come true for the planners and architects.

wineo 1500 sea conforms with all the safety requirements under the current IMO regulations, has received a diversity of international environmental certificates and awards, and corresponds to the existing SOLAS and EU regulations as well as the requirements of the US Coast Guard.