Based in the Seriana Valley, Bergamo, Italy, Radici Marine prides itself on its historic connection to textiles. Centring innovation at the heart of its business, Radici Marine creates high-quality IMO certified textiles using advanced technology.

Radici Marine was established in Italy in 1950 as a Woven carpet factory and has grown into a multifaceted international group, without losing its original identity: a factory of carpets that cares for its customers and works with its customers. Its biggest pride is certainly the woven Wilton and face-to-face looms that make custom colours and designs possible with outstanding definition, thanks to modern weaving technologies. As for tufting, thanks to Radici’s Chromojet, any type of design can be created, including up to 16 colour variations.

“At Radici the closest attention to detail and the profound sensitivity poured in the design work are brought together with technologies that can provide products of the highest standard for their elegance, appearance and the care that goes into the smallest detail.”


Seafloor: The overview of the wide Radici proposal for cruise and yachts. Owing to its MO certification Radici can offer a wide range of products as printed tufting, wilton jacquard, and handtuft carpet. All of these technologies allow us to create your custom design with a touch of class and prestige. The whole collection with the priceless value of Made in Italy.

Chromoproject: The definitive range of printed carpets. Using its modern ChromoJET© microinjection printing machine, Radici can reproduce any possible design, in any possible color variant on natural or synthetic fiber.

Prestige (pictured above): The collection aims to customize a class product that draws on the historic tradition of woven carpets.

Handtuft (pictured below): A hand-tufted carpet is a true needlework product where every single tuft has been positioned by hand. These characteristics enable any precise and distinguished hand-crafted pattern to be created, without limits to color and dimensions. Three-dimensional effects that are pleasing to the eye and to the touch can also be achieved by carving technique that consists of cutting grooves into the carpet pile.

Problem Solving

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