Cruise Ship Interiors Expo exhibitor US Thrill Rides has delivered 300+ rides around the world – all pay-to-participate attractions. Installed in Universal, Six Flags, Paramount, Mall of America and other tourism destinations around the globe, they’ve sold over 200 million tickets and generated over $2.5 billion in revenue for customers over the last 24 years. In this guest article, US Thrill Rides introduce their new product, the Unicoaster 2.0. Perfectly suited for the cruise industry, the Unicoaster 2.0 takes the successful design of the original Unicoaster and transfers it to customisable track – read more below…

The natural evolution of the extremely popular and versatile round ride of the same name, Unicoaster 2.0 breaks free and sets out on a track of its own. With a fraction of the area needed for a traditional coaster, Unicoaster 2.0 delivers all the thrills along with rider-controlled flips that truly take it into the next dimension of fun!

Unicoaster 2.0 can be built around existing structures and therefore maximize the return on space. Self-powered cars remove the need for a vertical climb / lift hill. Interactive technology via the joystick makes the passenger a pilot. While the more daring rider will thrust their seat into forward and backward inverts from start to finish, those looking for a more
mild experience will be equally excited to speed around the undulated track and ride the wind.

US Thrill Rides can provide a new rollercoaster service for cruise ships

From Chill to Thrill – it’s the rider’s choice

The experience on a Unicoaster 2.0 is unlike any other because the guests have power and control over the ride. The guest can be a passenger and just ride along relaxing as the ride simulates a chill flight or take control of their experience with a joystick located between the 2 seats. Adventurous guests use the joystick and create a unique ride experience including forward and
backward somersaults, different attitudes of flight, rocking motions etc. The technology in the Unicoaster 2.0 was created with the objective of giving guests a new ride possibility every time they ride thus keeping the experience fresh leading to multiple rides per customer.

US Thrill Rides Unicoaster
The original Unicoaster in roulette theme also available for cruise ships

The Inventor

Bill Kitchen, renowned inventor in the amusement industry, has invented numerous rides including the iFly vertical wind tunnels all around the world and on several cruise ships. He will introduce the UNICOASTER 2.0 customized for cruise ships at CSI.

Ride Specs

  • Number of Vehicles: 16 (2 trains of 8 cars)
  • Capacity: 600 riders per hour
  • Minimum Height: 48 Inches
  • Ride Speed: 20-30 MPH
  • Track Length: As Configured 500-2000 Feet

Power Requirements:

  • 50 Kw
  • 480 VAC

US Thrill Rides provide a wide range of Amusement rides inspired by the art of flying, including the Unicoaster, Unicoaster 2.0, Polercoaster, Skyblazer, Skyspire, and Skyview.

US Thrill Rides skyblazer
The Skyblazer

Giving guests a bird’s eye view of the world and the rush of flight have been key ingredients in the design of Bill Kitchen’s inventions.

Additionally, the growing need for rides in smaller, unique spaces has been met with simplicity and efficiency of space utilization.

Meet Bill Kitchen and US Thrill Rides at booth 632 at Cruise Ship Interiors Design Expo Americas 2021!

Find out more about the show here.