With the ever-increasing number of cruise ships operating globally, solar glare and heat through ships windows is an increasing issue for cruise passengers and ship operators. With cruise passenger numbers surpassing 27.2 million this year, solar protection is essential for the safety and comfort of passengers and crew.

This summer SOLARGLIDE, one of the leading suppliers of window covering solutions to the marine industry,  successfully commissioned the installation of SG SOLAR FILM on the cruise liner MV Norwegian Star. The film was fitted onto the windows in the forward luxury suites on Deck 12 of the ship. These forward-facing windows are at the mercy of direct sunlight, turning the suites into a ‘greenhouses’ during daylight hours, where conditions for the passengers can quickly become intolerable as the sun rises.

SOLARGLIDE’S professional ‘window film’ installation team traveled to Marseille, France to install new SG SOLAR FILM on the suite windows during the ship’s scheduled refit. SOLARGLIDE engineers removed the existing solar film and replaced it with SG SOLAR FILM on 40 windows, in four different suites, over the course of two days. 

Once installed, SG SOLAR FILM dramatically reduced the incoming solar heat as well as reducing glare from the sun. The film is an unobtrusive and aesthetically pleasing solution, that allows passengers to have clear visibility to the ever-changing outside landscape. This is important for passenger enjoyment when travelling to new and exciting destinations.

SG SOLAR FILM not only benefits passengers and crew, it also puts money back into the pocket of the ship owners and ship managers. Up to 15% reduction in air conditioning costs are achievable. Vessels with SG SOLAR FILM installed on cabin and suite windows will be 10 -15 degrees cooler inside than vessels without, allowing the air conditioning to be turned down, whilst still maintaining a comfortable environment. 

SOLARGLIDE has operated exclusively in the marine sector for the past 10 years, and has demonstrated to its customers the highest levels or customer service and product quality. SOLARGLIDE products are used on all types of sea-going vessel, from small pilot vessels to the world’s largest cruise liners: Harmony of the Seas and Symphony of the Seas. With a wealth of experience working with naval architects, interior designers and outfitters SOLARGLIDE  can tailor it’s offering for window solar solutions to meet the exacting standards of our clients.