Welcome to SPOTTED! Our new series where we feature our exhibitor’s amazing work, from features on prestige TV to charitable endeavours.

Each and every one of the Cruise Ship Interiors Expo America (CSI) exhibitors specialise in cruise interiors, whether that is as a designer, supplier or outfitter. However, our exhibitors are multifaceted talents and have excelled throughout the hospitality, hotel and interior design industries. We are going to share their highlights outside the cruise interiors industry with you across this series.

This week’s SPOTTED is for The Crown fans! For the three readers who haven’t watched The Crown, it’s a prestige Netflix drama chronicling the lives of the British Royal family. Famed for its sometimes larger-than-life recreation of historic events, The Crown also features stunning costumes and gorgeous sets.

Imagine POINT’s delight when their Dumbo sofa was spotted in season 3 of The Crown. The Dumbo sofa was featured in fan-favourite Princess Margaret’s stunning Sotogrande estate. As one of POINT’s most iconic pieces, it has earned its place within the beautiful set.

Bold statement style

POINT commented, ‘Dumbo is one of POINT’s unique pieces of indoor furniture and has featured in many homes all over the world for years. This piece with its spectacular dimensions (3 metres long by 1.60 metres deep) also defined an era for Point. It was designed in 1985 by the famous German designer Anita Smith, whose designs were featured by important German avant-garde upholstery firms.’

Avant-garde is the right word for the Dumbo sofa. The dimensions are so outlandish that the original technical staff thought the designer had gone mad! In fact, because of its size, it was possible for four people to be weaving it at the same time.

All curves

Part of the Dumbo’s appeal is its sensuality. There are no straight lines in the design, all curves. The structure is created using two superimposed tubes, which change diameter while curving at the same time. More than fifty plywood templates were placed side by side to achieve the shape of the sofa.

Dynamic and eye-catching, the Dumbo soon became a hit. It could be spotted on the porches of the most famous homes on the Spanish coast throughout the 1990s. With its bold elegance, it is no surprise that it was chosen to embody Princess Margaret’s Spanish estate.