MSC Seaside cabin

Vimar technology onboard the record-breaking ship

With a tonnage of 152,000 tons, a length of 323 meters, a height of over 60 meters, 2,100 passenger cabins and 750 for the crew, MSC Seaside is in effect a record ship.

The new flagship MSC was built by Fincantieri and designed specifically for lovers of warmer temperatures; the fourteenth unit of the MSC fleet brings the company’s guests directly to Miami, nearer to the ocean than ever. For this reason, the ship has been equipped with large open spaces, so as to allow guests to enjoy the view and, at the same time, not to miss all the typical activities you’d expect from an experience of this kind. Seaside has in fact been conceived to improve the passenger experience, offering something unique.

So, inevitably, it would not have been complete without Vimar design and technology. To further enhance the interiors of the guest cabins – whose unique style is inspired by the apartments overlooking the Miami shoreline – the Eikon Evo series was chosen.

Installed in the bright aluminium version, these are the frame of control buttons and sockets of various types, from traditional ones, up to those for electric razors in bathrooms. For example, the flush mounting USB sockets in each cabin are capable of delivering a current of up to 2.1 A, thanks to the special High Power output, and allow you to charge even the most demanding devices, such as 10″ tablets, in less than 6 hours. This makes them ideal in a context such as this, where devices often have to be fully charged overnight.

For the crew areas, on the other hand, the interior designers chose the Plana series, with timeless, minimalist lines that will never go out of fashion. In this case, buttons, sockets, and controls are surrounded by plates in brushed aluminium (pictured), a material that fits perfectly into the modern style of these interiors.

To complete an array of first-class equipment, which puts the electrical system firmly at the state-of-the-art, Vimar has also supplied the cabin signalling system. This system remotely indicates cabins’ status along the corridors by means of LED lights, indicating the “do not disturb”, “unoccupied”, “occupied”, and “cabin cleaning requested” functions. Similarly, a series of customized screen-printed controls simplify life on board for both crew and passengers by making all main electrical system functions clear at a glance.

In addition to cutting-edge technology, MSC Seaside also features a number of distinctive and innovative features compared to any other vessel. Two exclusive glass walkways and a 40-meter high “Bridge of Sighs” offer guests a view of the ocean that had never before been possible. Additionally, guests can find a pier on the seafront, the largest among those built on a ship, which rotates around the hull.

A cruise on MSC Seaside, therefore, becomes an extraordinary experience, which, thanks also to the wide range of Vimar solutions, is certainly worth trying.

Photos courtesy of FINCANTIERI S.p.A. – All rights reserved