Innovation never stops

As part of VIEW, Vimar’s vision on the Internet of Things, innovative solutions are now available for By-me and KNX systems, which are capable of turning vessels into smart spaces. Covered by a 3-year warranty, as with all Vimar’s products, the new devices allow the implementation of higher performance onboard automation systems, which are easy to use and can be customised in terms of design and functions.

The By-me and KNX home automation controls, the By-me sound diffusion products and the Wi-Fi Access Point are added to the range of IoT-connected products, which are specifically designed to make standard systems smarter, thus meeting all installation and comfort requirements.

Your music is always connected to the entire cabin or suite

Bluetooth® wireless technology for By-me sound diffusion.

With the new devices equipped with Bluetooth® wireless technology, your favorite music is always connected via Wi-Fi and played in digital format throughout the cabin or suite. In fact, thanks to Bluetooth® wireless technology, you will no longer need a wired connection or a docking station. Simply activate Bluetooth on your smartphone: connection is automatic and music spreads throughout the rooms, with the option of adding unlimited local sources.

With Vimar’s new sound diffusion devices, you can create a multiroom system with bus cable that seamlessly integrates into the By-me automation system, creating a fully connected sound diffusion system.

The new controls with preamplified outputs can be connected to an external amplifier ensuring maximum sound quality and listening experience. Finally, the new built-in amplifiers 1+1 W or 4+4 W allow the power managed by the system to be increased as well as the number of listenable sources to be extended, ensuring maximum installation and application flexibility.

Universal Bus controls

A renewed range for even smarter spaces.

The range of controls dedicated to the By-me home automation system and to the Well-contact Plus building automation system, based on KNX standards, has been renewed.

Thanks to the new controls, each module has twice as many functions: it is now possible to configure four different functions on a two module box and six functions on a three module box, two per button. Moreover, additional system functions can be controlled by pressing or holding down the key.

To make installation easier, the devices with By-me technology are already programmed and ready to use in Plug&Play mode: you simply need to install them and the load and scenario control is already working with no need for configuration. The Bus devices are the same for the Eikon, Arké and Plana series, thanks to matching button covers that can be customised as needed.

In addition, in order to offer the highest level of customisation (in line with the latest trends in interior design), RGB LED backlighting allows you to choose the desired color for the symbols. This ensures an aesthetically coordinated system, with matching colors of the controls and of the displays of the RGB touch thermostats. In addition, the three brightness levels of backlighting allow a more intuitive use of the system, for example by making controls visible at night and the load switching status can be identified at a glance.

New Wi-Fi access point

The network signal reaches every corner of the house.

The ideal solution to extend your Internet connection throughout your vessel, even to areas that are not reached by the Wi-Fi signal or where the signal is weaker, providing coverage to all cabins and areas.

In fact, the new 2-module Wi-Fi access point extends WLAN coverage to all cabins, also covering areas that are not reached by Wi-Fi. Moreover, thanks to the front button or the standard remote button connected to the rear terminals, the signal can be deactivated at any time, when it is not needed or at night, to reduce radiation and consumption.

The new access point easily adapts to any interior style, since its design matches that of the Eikon, Arké and Plana series.