Volume Creative, winners of Best Artwork and Rising Star at the first Cruise Ship interiors Awards, have launched Spared, a new service turning waste materials into bespoke furniture and objects.

“Spared is a creative service that turns waste into beautiful objects, spared from landfill. It offers companies the opportunity to create meaningfully designed products from their own waste or through an organised coastal clean-up.”

Made from finely ground down black post-consumer plastic waste, Spared created a series of vessels to represent the signs of coral degradation through various shades from black to white.

Creating beautiful objects from waste materials

Spared offer three core terrazzo materials created using recycled plastics and shell, called Plarix and Molelk. Volume Creative’s interiors champion responsible and conscious design, but the fact still stands that interior design and construction as a whole generates a large amount of waste that ends up in landfill.

Spared was born out of years of research and development, and a desire to reduce and reuse waste from the design industry. Their mission is to design timeless pieces from waste that tell stories of the past and of hope for the future.

“We want Spared to fuel collaboration and innovation and offer brands and designers new solutions to curb waste going to landfill”

Francesca Henley, Partner and Head of Interiors

Volume Creative is a female-run design agency based in Sussex, set-up by Callie Tedder-Hares with partners Emma Lally, Kate Brewer and Francesca Henley. It’s focus is on meaningful, sustainably-lead design, and product and art creation for the hospitality and travel industries. In 2020 they received awards for Best Artwork and Rising Star at the Cruise Ship Interior Awards. They team up with brands that want to make a positive change in their industry and help them to build deeper brand stories.