Kvadrat is exploring fresh perspectives into light, colour and movement by launching pioneering textiles from celebrated designers. They have launched a new upholsteries and curtain textile by Patricia Urquiola. Also new this year is a stunning curtain by Margrethe Odgaard.

The new textiles unite meticulous colour blends, sophisticated yarn dynamics and a respect for the environment. They are crafted from a mix of natural and man-made fibres with a strong environmental profile. One fibre is recycled polyester, which offers exceptional aesthetic versatility and longevity. Polyesters offer a high-level of long-term aesthetic and functional performance.

To stay ahead of emerging market needs, the new designs meet the growing desire for curtains that share upholstery-like characteristics. The sophisticated textiles contain dual properties, with increased UV protection and lightfastness, making it equally suitable for indoors and outdoors.

Beautiful design meets sustainable values. Check out Kvadrat’s recycled wool collection below.

New textiles from Patricia Urquiola

The textiles from Patricia Urquiola play with colours, light, and tactility, and bring a fresh interpretation to twill-woven fabrics. Characterised by a subtle sense of movement and deep  vibrancy, they change in appearance to compelling effect throughout the day.

Relate and Reflect are faux-uni upholsteries, and Lumo is a curtain. While each is distinctively individual, the textiles all offer homely personalities and versatile colourways. All the new textiles combine strong functional performance with reduced environmental impact. Reflect is made from recycled polyester, while Lumo is crafted from yarns created during a low-water-consumption dyeing process.

Playing with colour and light

“I wanted to play with colours and rethink the concept of mélange. Together with Kvadrat, we chose to pair hues that are very close in the colour scale to give much more volume to the texture, which results in a powerful monochromatic effect.”

Patricia Urquiola

A natural progression from Relate and Reflect, Lumo is reminiscent of a soft woollen upholstery textile and expresses a strong connection with nature: the name means light in Esperanto. The curtain is a ‘hyper-mélange’ and is suitable for exterior and interior use. Its characteristics number an extraordinary colour-depth, softness, and duality. Intriguingly, one side has a tranquil look; the other is more energetic.

Tints by Margrethe Odgaard

Tints is a soft, matt curtain, suitable for indoors and outdoors, which features a ground-breaking mélange look. Unlike classic mélanges, it expresses colours through structure – not fibre blends – to deliver a striking play of subtle yet intense tints and shades.

“Inspired by nature, Tints’ colour-scale seeks a balance between vibrant and gentle energies. The colours look very different from afar than what you see when you look at it from up-close.”

Margrethe Odgaard

Kvadrat uses a specially engineered flame-retardant polyester yarn to create Tints, identical to the one used for Lumo. The curtain offers an enhanced UV protection, making it durable and exceptional for outdoor use as well as indoor. It lets light filter in, while offering excellent lightfastness on both sides. Homely in personality, Tints is suitable for private and contract environments.