Shores Global

Andreas Krenzen is general manager for the cruise division at Shores Global, a preferred partner for the cruise and hospitality market when it comes to quality furniture and fabrics. Working closely with architects and designers, Shores Global meets its clients’ needs and in the process shapes the experience of interior space, theme, and storyline.

Hi Andreas, thanks for speaking with Cruise Ship Interiors Expo. Can you tell us about your current role at Shores Global and some responsibilities involved with it?

As general manager for the cruise division, my key responsibility is to make sure our cruise customers receive a premium service and high-quality design furniture delivered within time and within budget. I drive growth and profitability from a clear sense of purpose that allows me to have a constant, consistent sense of focus, a strong emotional engagement both within the company and with its customers and partners, and a continuous, pragmatic innovation.

What inspired you to join Shores?

My passion for the cruise industry. The cruise industry is magical and has its own league. Here you get to work globally on large scale projects with so many driven talents. Our customers set the bar high and every day we must do our utmost to perform. This has shaped us and the way we work.

The demands are high but if it was easy everybody would be able to do it. We are proud to be part of the preferred specialized group of suppliers that master the discipline of getting the job done.

What project are you particularly proud of and why?

In 2018 we have completed several impressive projects but it is difficult to choose. On one hand, I am proud that Shores today have become the fleetwide go-to supplier for a significant number of brands. On the other hand, I would choose the Crystal Serenity refit as the project I am most proud of. With very short time available, we produced, delivered and installed almost all loose items on this magnificent vessel. Our extremely proactive approach allowed for us to take on a lot of responsibility and play a coordinating role. In close cooperation with the owner and the three dedicated architects (Tillberg, AD Associates, and Kudos Design), we managed to deliver high-quality design in time and within budget. Our service team and myself was present during the drydock in Bremerhaven. It was an amazing experience to work so closely with the Crystal team and watch the ship transform.

What do you need to consider when designing for the cruise market?

Many of our projects are fully customized designs. When we do complete new builds and refits it is important that we state the limitations of the design. Design, durability, functionality and safety must all be considered. The requirement for IMO-certified materials also adds to production lead time.

Are there any key opportunities or challenges your company faces at present?

We produce a high-quality product. Quality takes time. We must therefore constantly be aware of the limited time to complete the projects. We must be extremely proactive and go hard on planning. As challenging as it can be it is also an opportunity to work with the owner to find solutions. We are very fortunate to have very good collaborations with many of the brands. We have dedicated project managers on each individual project which makes it possible for us to support the customer in various phases of the projects. That makes us better prepared when the order is released.

Can you tell us about some of the top cruise interior design trends of 2018 and beyond?

The trend seems to suggest timeless elegance. For sure the cruise industry has become more conscious about high-quality products. We see more and more requests for classic and retro styles with new colours and stronger materials.

Finally, who are you looking to meet and what do you hope to achieve at Cruise Ship Interiors Expo 2019?

This expo is what the industry has been missing. We are looking forward to meeting with existing customers, partners and friends. We are seeking to inform about the project management.

Thanks for speaking with us today Andreas. We look forward to seeing Shores Global exhibit at the inaugural Cruise Ship Interiors Expo Miami!